Record DeathToll Dwarfs Bush-Era Casualties

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They also hired German mercanaries to defeat the British but that gets left out of the Disney version.

Who is "they," Petros? And if you are speaking of the Hessian troops who fought in the US War of Independence, they fought for the British.
Well I got that one backwards.
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What if we had done nothing at all?

We gave the Bin Laden what he wanted.

Macho BS got in the way of common sense.

Now that's about as delusional as one can get.

9-11 didn't just appear out of nowhere. It was the second attempt at the WTC by Islamists.............(although I am not sure of any connection of the actual attackers to the Afghanistan regime.........the choice of the target of 9-11 is just too much to be a coincidence)

And was preceeded by attacks on the USS Cole and on three embassies in Africa by elements with connections to bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Which rated essentially NO reaction from that idiot Clinton, who left the training areas in Afghanistan alone...........well, he fired a missle or two.......

But basically the Islamists were left in peace to train, plan, and execute the co-ordinated attacks of 9-11.

An act that could not be allowed to pass unanswered.

I somehow doubt bin Laden wanted his training camps destroyed, his protectors deposed, his supporters slaughtered, his organization scattered........that is just silly. He thought he was still dealing with Clinton. Or with the Russians. Or he thought Allah would protect him.

Three strikes.

Remember the "strong horse, weak horse" quote?

Well, bin Laden and his boys ain't looking too powerful at the moment.
Hessians fought on the side of the British, not the Yanks. True, there were a few Germans that came with General von Steuben but not many.

63 Percent of Americans Oppose War In Afghanistan (external - login to view)

63 Percent of Americans Oppose War In Afghanistan (external - login to view)

Opposition to the war in Afghanistan is at an all-time high, with 63 percent of the public now opposed to U.S. involvement there, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey. Just 35 percent of survey respondents say they still support U.S. involvement. The increase in opposition to U.S. involvement comes as pessimism about how the war is going is rising. According to a poll (external - login to view) done Dec. 17-19, 56 percent of the public believes that "things are going badly for the U.S. in Afghanistan."
"The war has not always been unpopular (external - login to view) -- back in March, when a majority thought that the war was going well, the country was evenly divided.

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