The train loaded with presents for the baby pig was derailed. why?

the open Northkorea as a shortwave radio broadcasting reported that the train loaded with present for Kim Jung-eun and the executives (*Kim Jung-eun: the vice president of the central labor-military commission and the successor of Kim Jung il)
was derailed right after departing Shineuiju station. this broadcasting cited pyeonganbuk-do defense commission source and said,
"the cargo train departing Shineuiju station for pyeongyang(the capital of Northkorea) was drailed between yeomju and donglim station,
that accident had defense commission put on emergency alert" and then, it assumed with the wrecked train that someone caused the accident on purpose. also, the source reported that 8 coaches of a total of 40 coaches had a lot of clocks and tvs for celebrating upcoming Kim's birthday and they added, the insider who defy the successor system caused it by getting informaion in advance.
the broadcasting reported, the train bounded for pyeongyang from shineuiju runs once in a day but the cargo train runs irregularly
when it need to load something. Northkorea's defense commisson is now investigaing seriously to find out antigovernment activitors assuming that it was committed by them.
in these days, i see a lot of news that northkoreans turn their back on Kim Jung-eun, it's dfficult to say who is he affirmingly.
but i think, it's clear that he won't be quite diffrent his father dictator Kim Jung il. now, northrkoreans aren't being brainwashed well by Kim dynasty.

I like how it's pronounced Korear. heh heh heh What a country.
korear? haha i think, not only korea but also a lot of contries in the world are got in some recession....

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