Quebec tries yet again to get the Winter Olympics, yet their mountains havn't gotten bigger. Why doesn't someone in the fed govt just tell them to F*** off when it come to the Olympic Games? Ooh, not nice. Weak, lame politicians just go along, waste taxpayer dollars on studies so Quebec doesn't get offended.

Federation says Quebec ski hill not Olympic (external - login to view)
Federation says Quebec ski hill not Olympic

Postmedia News December 14, 2010

Quebec City's dream of hosting the Winter Olympics was dealt a serious blow Monday when the International Ski Federation ruled the proposed mountain for ski events wasn't up to the challenge.
The Quebec government has sought tenders for preliminary studies on Olympic-calibre infrastructure projects, including a ski hill to host the men's downhill event, considered a Winter Games highlight.
The ski hill is the main reason Quebec's bid for the 2002 Games was rejected.