Standing proudly at 16ft tall, this may be Britain's tallest snowman.

When Karl Broadbent's daughters challenged him to build a giant snowman, they probably thought that he would fail miserably.

Instead, Karl and two of his mates spent six hours on Sunday building the snowman with the help of his daughters outside their home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

But, after a spell of rain, Mr Snowman is now leaning perilously to one side.

Another giant snowman was built by Ron Bilton, 63, and his two granddaughters in Scarborough, North Yorkshire and stands at 12ft tall.

It's the leaning tower of freezer. But at 16ft, is this the country's tallest snowman?

By Daily Mail Reporter
9th December 2010
Daily Mail

It's snow joke - two giant snowmen have been built that really are the size of houses.

Ambitious Karl Broadbent, 38, built a 16ft-tall Snowzilla after his daughters challenged him to build one as high as their home in Doncaster, South Yorks.

The paintball company owner roped in two friends on Sunday and they spent six hours building the giant snowman with the help of Karl's children, Ella, ten, and Mollie, seven - and some large buckets and ladders.

Giant: Ella Broadbent is dwarfed by the 16ft snowman built by her dad, Karl

But as the startling picture shows, the character christened Mr Snowman is now in danger of toppling over and is perilously leaning to one side after a quick sprinkling of rain.

Karl said: 'It rained and he started to lean, but then it snowed and he is stuck solid to the ground, frozen in place.

'I worried when we finished it that when it does get warmer it might hit the house, but I think it will land on the patio.

'As a precaution the girls aren't allowed to walk by the left side where its leaning, because there must be tonnes of snow there.'

Standing tall: The giant Mr Snowman before rain caused it to lean over. Pictured with their monster creation are Mollie Broadbent, Ava Mullen, Lee Mullen, Karl Broadbent, and Ella Broadbent

The dad-of-two got the idea for the giant snowman after his daughters had taken part in a snowman-making competition at their school.

Karl said: 'We had a couple of feet of snow in the garden and the girls had asked if we could build a snowman as big as the house.

'Jokingly I said "yes". I thought we'd stop at 8ft and I asked if we should put the head on it, but it still wasn't as big as the house.

'After trying to fob the girls off at 10ft we realised they were not going to let us off. In the end we got a bit stupid, as dads do, and we ended up with a 16ft snowman.'

Karl and his daughters were helped by builder friend Lee Mullen, 38, Lee's identical triplet Scott Mullen, 38, and Scott's daughters Ava, eight, and Millie, six.

The dedicated men climbed up the ladders and passed the buckets up to each other to make sure their new friend was picture perfect.

Karl added: 'We just hope he'll last until Christmas. The girls love him - they've never seen snow like this.'

The other giant snowman was built by Ron Bilton, 63, and his two granddaughters in Scarborough, North Yorks., and is bigger than his bungalow - standing at a massive 12ft tall.

Little Ruby, five, and Polly, six, helped their grandad build the huge snowman which took them more five hours to finish.

Ron said: 'Ruby thought we should make him "fatter", to which Polly replied "Don't say that Ruby, he's got feelings you know".'

Ron's wife Olive, 64, said that the girls have become really attached to the snowman and rush out to play with him when they get home from school.

'I think they expect him to stay here forever, when he melts I think they are going to be really upset,' she said.

'But the way things are with the weather, it could be a while before he does disappear.'