Agent at Fort Bragg accused of selling military secrets

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Fort Bragg, N.C. A special agent based at Fort Bragg is accused of trying to sell secret military documents, according to search warrants released Friday.
Bryan Minkyu Martin, who is assigned to the Joint Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, is accused of accepting money from an undercover FBI agent in exchange for folders containing military information, some of which was classified as top secret, according to the warrant.
Authorities applied for a warrant to search Martin's hotel room at the Landmark Inn, 1208 Glider St. in Fort Bragg, his vehicle, financial records and electronic equipment, including cell phones and computers.
Authorities said Martin met with an undercover FBI employee, who was posing as an intelligence officer of a foreign country, in the lobby of the Hampton Inn, 1050 N. Bragg Blvd. in Spring Lake, on Nov. 15.
During the 90-minute meeting, Martin described his access to military computer systems and named classified network systems he had access to, the warrants said. Authorities said Martin told the agent that he was seeking long-term financial reimbursement.
The warrant says that Martin accepted $500 from the undercover agent with the promise of additional money in exchange for documents at their next meeting. The next day, Martin provided the FBI agent with two documents, one marked "secret" and the other "top secret," and the agent paid Martin $1,500.
On Nov. 19,...

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Minkyu (Korean middle name), selling secrets to North Korea or China?

Another moment of a 'Canadian inferority complex', but I am glad that since we maintain a small standing army that our soldiers are better disciplined and more likely to be counted on than the goofballs that are considered servicemen in the states.
I don't this well help his long term lifestyle or financial goals.
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