Women force men to do sit-ups on train | News.com.au (external - login to view)
A GROUP of male passengers riding in a female-only carriage on New Delhi's new metro system were ordered to do sit-ups on the platform by the furious women, according to reports.

At least one carriage is reserved for women on every metro train in the Indian capital, where female residents and tourists have complained about sexual harassment on public transport for decades.

The metro has also become severely congested with the lines expanding into the suburbs over the last year and most regular carriages packed to capacity.

The Times of India said on Saturday police led a crackdown at a station in Gurgaon, a booming satellite development on the outskirts of Delhi, after a series of complaints - and women passengers joined in the action.

"Not only were the unruly commuters made to shell out a fine of 250 rupees ($A5.50), angry women slapped some of them and forced them to do sit-ups,'' the Times reported.

Gurgaon police commissioner S Deswal, who led the raid, told the newspaper: "We found many male passengers in the women's coach. The moment the women saw us, they got the courage to teach the men a lesson."

"We want our young girls and women to feel confident and safe while travelling in the metro,'' he said.

The Mail Today reported how some of the men in the women's carriage "had to bear the ignominy of doing sit-ups in public" when they were caught on at the Guru Dronacharya station on Thursday evening.


So they want the women to feel confident by promoting physical abuse and forcing the guys to do sit-ups...... why?

What was the point of making them do sit-ups?

Sounds similar to a bunch of guys on the train forcing women to bend over or do a little dance....... and they complain about sexual harassment on the trains, but feel it's perfectly fine to physically assault and what I'd consider (Based on limited information mind you) sexual harassment of the men.

Maybe it'd be bitter-sweet eye for an eye justice if they were forcing the men who have been known in the past for harassing women on the trains to go through all this, but just to target these guys simply because they're men and vent all their anger out on them by just hopping a ride? Great way to break the trend.

Fine them.... sure.... they'd get the point after that I imagine..... arrest them the second time...... but this is yet another one of those situations where if the roles were reversed, it'd be viewed very differently..... then again, if it was a "Men Only" section, somebody would be suing for discrimination and there wouldn't be a "Men Only" section to begin with.