GOP to Boost Economy by Axing Office of Congressional Ethics

The ethics of House members are frequently used as a punchline. Or a headline. This week, it was Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-NY, on trial. In coming weeks, it will be Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif. Their alleged wrongdoings were among many investigated and uncovered by the Office of Congressional Ethics.

But the future of that office is in question. Despite publicly promising more transparency and disclosure of the inner workings of Congress, behind closed doors, the GOP leadership has made moves indicating the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) may be targeted for cuts or extinction.

Rep. David Dreier, R-Calif., called the OCE on Friday, Nov. 5, just three days after the midterm elections in which Republicans regained a majority and control of the House. During that phone conversation, the California representative asked for justification of its continued existence.

A memo outlining why the bipartisan group is a service to Congress was then sent to one of Dreier's representatives late Sunday evening, Nov. 7 – right before the 22-member transition team convened to begin crafting rules for the operation of the GOP-led House, sources close to congressional leadership told ABC News.

Two members on that GOP transition team are were previously investigated (external - login to view) by the Office of Congressional Ethics: Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, the likely GOP Conference chair, and John Campbell, R-Calif. Hensarling was cleared of all charges, Campbell is still under investigation by the House ethics committee.

A spokeperson for Campbell's office said the congressman is not working on anything related to ethics in his role on the transition team. Hensarling and Dreier's offices did not respond to requests for comment by ABC News.

The OCE is an independent agency that vets ethics complaints and refers those worth further investigation to the House Committee on Standards (external - login to view) of Official Conduct, also known as the House ethics committee.

Are GOP Leaders Quietly Trying to Axe Office of Congressional Ethics? - ABC News (external - login to view)
Before replying, may I please make something simple.

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I'm adding a soundtrack... but not a soundtrack like a movie soundtrack-composer to enhance the screenplay... rather... it's a soundtrack in the form of it's the music I am listening to while I write.

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Your post is interesting, and in some sad, and hopefully not tragically prophetic ways.

Let's pretend we are American Fathers of the Constitution.

Remember how their endeavor was to construct a legal framework capable of ensuring balance of all forces no matter what such that everyone would have fair chance regardless of spirit and IQ, and remember how Benjamin Franklin (the only truly good American Father... the only one capable of truly inventing good things) stood up at the last moment of the final signing saying after an impossibly long debate...

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Anyway... remember how he stood up on the day of the last signing and told them that the document they were about to sign was in his terms the lowest possible denominator of goodness and had holes in it?

Benjamin Franklin told the "Fathers of Democracy" that there was a hole in their constitution, and he gave one hell of a bitch speech about signing it because they were under pressure.

In the mean time, one third of Americans freaked when they heard the revolution was really going through. There was a point when Boston Harbor was stacked with 300 ships charging top dollar to take Crown Loyalists back to the Isles if they could afford the top dollar.

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Many could not afford the trip back. All they knew was that if the yahoo venture weasel rats got control of the economy in their mind, then things would be much more horrible than the discipline of the Crown.

And so they fled north. They cut Nova Scotia in half to form New Brunswich, and they cut Quebeque in half to form Ontario.

And they were hung up on Loyalty to the Crown for which they had run and from which they had left their land in America left behind.

In the mean time was Quebeque... England's most peaceful conquest... well enough left alone...

... And then the @#$%ing Empire Loyalists had to move up from the states to get away from the Revolution to support the Crown and feel like in their little minds they were supporting the Crown by beating up everyone around them who didn't act like they loved the Crown by virtue of the bitter feelings they felt for losing their land in the states, such that they beat up on French (when the Crown in London with all its trouble was utterly delighted to leave true-french-Canadians alone as long as they were living happy and not making trouble)

New song time... let me guess... someone out there is going to be so devoid of strict education that he's going to hate that I listen to music while writing... man-oh-man... you gotta get an education (BTW... Alberta, which used to have the best education system, lost it in the early 90's when the kind'a guys attempting to gut the OCE got control there).

If you can get an honestly good education, you'll understand something about what the guys at Charlottetown talked about after having watched the US for a century, and number one on their list was education... they believed that even an idiot monkey would be better well informed than a self masturbating piece of Harvard educated neanderthal Sasquatch.

We are one of only two nation on the planet with enough resources to be self-sufficient. The other is Russia. If we made an alliance with Russian then between us and them we'd have all the key industrial resources of the planet nailed down, and from there...

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The seed of our ancestors knew that if trolls with grey scales and big giant yellow eyes with little tiny pinhole pupils were to get control of the economy they would tear it back down into tyranny, and Benjamin Franklin tried to ward his people against that...

... and so Americans with their curious beauty of what people can do when well fed hold off against the grey trolls, by virtue of common sense...

But there was a little-bitty edge of discipline...

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Somehow during the last economic depression... Quebec gets to say thank-you to Ontario for being the most economically ingeniously conservative pricks on the planet... for Ontario directs the economic structure of the rest of the country, in case you didn't know.

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The objective is that we not just survive as a people, but we have the happiest kids grow up in the universe, like what can happen with kids in blessed Canadian town like Lethbridge.

They get to spawn kids who go out to kick the **** out of the rest of you perfect pieces of evil ****.

Though shalt not touch Lethbridge... Medicine Hat... Red Deer... (external - login to view) <-- next song

Pretty much everything has been said.

It's a kind of a swrilly of the heart to understand why our ancestors held that border intact when those ****s did the stupid things like disassemble thier Office of Congressional Ethics.

The way it works is if you have a real Crown you bitch about the way your stupid government is behaving, and she can snap her finger, melt it down and force an election.

The carpet baggers do not want you to know that.

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In the mean time... listen...

Suppose you had a problem where someone were to buy up everything in order to become the king owner over everything...

He did his mightiest endeavor attempt, and then when he's just about close to the top...

.. when he's just about to take over everything...


There's someone already up there.


How did that happen?

The human endeavor for caveman to become king lead over time to a point where some did. The dumb ones got overthrown. And now we go peace with that to be useful to head off the ****'o hyper pricks.

I don't care. So what if it was not me to become King. I seriously don't care. I couldn't be free like I am now if I was. The point is... it heads off evil....

... of the sort to about take down the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Which means... if those stupid evil ****s take down the OCE it will of course collapse their economy which means people here better be ready for handling of immigration. (external - login to view)
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