Cloak Time? Star Trek? huh??

'Space-time cloak' could conceal events - (external - login to view)

I get most of it... but I think the concept is cool.
And this is why Star Trek is better then Star Wars..... at least Star Trek has contributed to our society by helping people pursue these technologies and concepts until they make them into reality.

Cell Phones, IPads, Mp3 Technology, Hyposprays, the possibility of FTL travel, transporters, non-invasive medical scans and procedures and now cloaking technology..... among many other things..... much of which Star Trek creators and writers just made it up to fill a story or plot due to low budget or lack of time, but fans and viewers decided to take to the next level and make them into realities.

Just watch "How William Shatner Changed the World" and it'll all become clear.

Maybe we can travel through time in order to save the world such as in:

YouTube - Star Trek - 55 - Assignment earth Part 1

Man, it's a good thing they went back to 1968..... who knows if any of us would exist today.

See... Star Trek impacted all our lives.
Why does a space ship have sonar?

Who is the fag with the cat? I was expecting Nixon.

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