China rare earth exports to Japan being normalised

TOKYO China's blocking of rare earth minerals to Japan is easing after Beijing pledged to "speed up" exports amid a thaw between the Asian powers in a territorial spat, traders said Monday.

"Shipments of rare earths started the week before last week at a Tianjing port," an official of Daido Electronics, manufacturer and trader of rare earth-related products based in Gifu prefecture, told AFP.

Another trader specialising in rare earth, who requested anonymity for his Tokyo-based company, said "procedures at Chinese customs resumed on Monday, although the actual shipments have not started yet".

Tokyo had complained that shipments of Japan-bound rare earth minerals were being stalled amid a territorial row which stemmed from the arrest of a Chinese trawler captain whose vessel collided with Japanese patrol boats near a disputed island chain in September.

Tokyo has speculated that Beijing was using its near-global monopoly on the trade in rare earths, minerals vital to Japanese high-tech manufacturers, as a weapon in the simmering spat -- an allegation rejected by Beijing.

Zhang Ping, chairman of China's National Development and Reform Commission, told Japan's Trade Minister Akihiro Ohata on Saturday that he had "instructed (officials) to speed up inspections at customs, to be more efficient", Ohata told reporters.

Their meeting, along with talks between Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan and Chinese President Hu Jintao, took place on the sidelines of a summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation group of nations in Yokohama, Japan.
Kan and Hu pledged to improve relations in their first talks since the dispute erupted.

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Big money to be made off of the companies in Canada that explore for rare earths
If Bernake wants inflation to pay back the Chinese well then it's in their best interest to nail Japan and Korea with limited RRE exports while encouraging their citizen to invest in silver which will double the cost of buying electronics. Especially military and space technology.

This will be the last Christmas with cheap imported gadgets. Buy that new phone now while you can still afford it and buy silver....there is a huge silver shortage and it will hit $125 by the time Beijing is done recouping loses and cuts us some slack.
lone wolf
Do you suppose Cobalt's closed-up silver mines will be worth something?
Quote: Originally Posted by lone wolfView Post

Do you suppose Cobalt's closed-up silver mines will be worth something?

Somebody is going to bust a nut trying to supply the 10.5 million oz shortage.

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