Inside the mind of a Committed Terrorist????

Inside the mind of a Committed Terrorist

So what are they?

Psychopaths - I would say no?? Not really sure though

Hare Psychopathy Checklist - define, person, people, used, personality, score, traits, Definition, Purpose, Precautions, Description, Results (external - login to view)

Sociopaths - Possible
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But they are willing to kill large numbers of innocent people with out any remorse it appears.
They are the ultimate danger to a democracy and the freedoms we enjoy.

Many are 2nd generation and are stuck in limbo of a sorts between cultures. Wanting revenge no matter the cost in lives.

But once convicted and sentenced the Laws in Canada must change to allow monitoring for life or until they are deemed not to be a threat. On Restricted parole with Strict Conditions. You screw up and back you go. And using the Not Withstandin Clause would be a correct usage as we are dealing with situations/ mass murders on a grand scale that were not concieved of even 20 years ago.

And that would include intrusive measures, unannounced searches of properties, computers, wearing of ankle bracelets and also include Not being permitted to associate, communicate in any manner with certain people.

These Terrorists are a long term threat to the Public. And with that the adage of "they served their time" is no longer valid.

Terrorists put psychiatric evaluations to the test

Terrorists put psychiatric evaluations to the test

BRAMPTON, ONT. — Shareef Abdelhaleem and the other Toronto 18 terrorists are presenting the Canadian court system with a new quandary: When judges depend on psychiatric experts to predict an offender’s likelihood of doing it again, what happens when the criminal mind is motivated by ideology?

“It’s ideology-driven rather than [typical] criminal-type behaviour. That’s why it’s difficult,” said Michael Chan, a forensic psychiatrist based in Kingston.

“Abdelhaleem has been a challenging individual to interview in the same timeframe as I might have dedicated to other assessees, in part because of his communication style, and in part because of the complexity and novelty of the issues in a case of this kind,” forensic psychiatrist Hy Bloom wrote in a letter entered as evidence in court.

But experts say the dearth of psychiatric information on Canadian terrorists makes analyzing these matters challenging at best. With Canadian terrorism prosecutions still a relatively new phenomenon — anti-terrorism legislation was only put in place a decade ago, in response to Sept. 11 — forensic psychiatrists are largely wading into uncharted territory.

The apparent lack of data has led to numerous delays and controversial findings in high-profile terrorism cases, from Omar Khadr to the Toronto 18. The Toronto 18, a group of homegrown terrorists, plotted to devastate blocks of the city’s downtown core with powerful truck bombs and to launch an armed assault on Parliament.

Second-generation Canadians who turn to terrorism “are people who sort of have one foot in one culture and one foot in another, and they don’t really feel necessarily like they belong anywhere,” Dr. Peterson said, noting the crime is typically driven by “grandiosity, narcissism... suppressed anger [and] desire for status.”
Often what we are schooled in as children by our parents and other caregivers ....

....can have lifelong beliefs which may or may not be credible when it comes to social behavior, interaction and habitual systems applicable or accepted in another
nation or political environment.

It is difficult to uproot in any culture, notwithstanding language difficulty, simple living standards, financial stressors, lack of friendships and trusted counsellors.

Much of this (without intervention and much luck) can be transformed into self-change, desire to integrate, friendship building and understanding of the "why and what for" in another nation's patterns of living....


If an adult comes to a new culture with negatives of comparative lifestyle and culture, he/she may turn against the newcomer and his/her surroundings.

As an immigrant it is natural to fight the changes - but if acceptance and peace are desired, and friendships to be forged, one must be eager to understand and allow that which works best for enjoyment of life.
Indoctrination has been around for a long long time. Terrorists get their beliefs the same way we do. Media and the leaders.

Bosnia was through radio. Rawanda was through radio. Both used terminology that spoke what people were feeling at the time.

Anyone can easily be motivated through, hate, fear and/or greed.
Oboy, Oboy, Oboy, I'm going to be rich. (This is what is in the minds of committed terrorist working against Great Briton and other Commonwealth countries.

The English never had the esferas to keep their own country, land on iys shores and it is yours.

LONDON – [COLOR=#366388 !important][COLOR=#366388 !important]Britain[/COLOR][/COLOR] (external - login to view) has agreed to pay hefty settlements to a group of former Guantanamo Bay detainees who sued the government for alleged complicity in their torture — one of the first big pay-outs stemming from the US-led war on terrorism.
After months of legal wrangling, Britain's spy agencies chose to settle the lawsuit to avoid a pricey and prolonged court case in which open testimony from secret agents could have jeopardized national security, a British government official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Tuesday.

UK agrees to settle with ex-Guantanamo detainees - Yahoo! News (external - login to view)
If they are settling then they must be guilty.

Where do you hire a "Rendering Plane Chaser" lawyer?
lone wolf
Funny (in the abstract sense for cherry-pickers) how I-am-right-and-they-are-wrong frames of mind keep the heat on....

There is no one-world culture and as soon as people realize it, a start can be made in getting along.

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