Poppy money stolen from Tims

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Someone in the Halifax area has stooped to a new low — stealing poppy money from a coffee shop.

CBC News aired security video Wednesday from a Tim Hortons in Cole Harbour that clearly showed a middle-aged patron taking a poppy tray from the counter and leaving the store.

The balding man appears to be in his 50s.

The video shows him buying a coffee, then inching the tray to the edge of the counter before taking a seat.

When staff is away from the counter, he returns and picks up the poppies and money and leaves the store.

Lillis McInnis, a supervisor at the coffee shop, said she cried when she watched the video.

"I work with two girls here who lost a nephew in Afghanistan, and to have someone come in — not a teenager; a grown man in his 50s or 60s — and steal from the vets, it really disappoints me," she told the CBC.

Something to cheer you guys up with.... although a teenager stealing it would still be wrong, the fact that it's some guy who should damn well know better who did it is pretty pathetic.

Last night they had one of the workers interviewed talking about how many in her direct family served, how some are currently fighting in Afghanistan and how much it disturbed her how someone could be so low.
The sad part of all this is that this happens every year, and by people that are not hurting financially. Truly pathetic.
I thought it was unbelieveable, but my daughter used to work at the Tim's on Dutch Villiage Road and not only would people steal the poppy boxes, they would also steal tips from the counter, or even the tip jars. One girl she worked with looked at the security tapes once and saw that one customer not only stole a loonie meant for her, but actually used it to pay for their own coffee, of all the balls. I don't know how many people in our country are that screwed up, but this end of the continent seems to have a diproportionate share of them.
I think it was on Friday or Thursday that they updated the news on this and they estimated that the guy stole about..... $13.

Hope it was worth it.

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