How Many Bloody G 20 Meetings Do We Need?

Is it me, or could we save a hell of a lot of money, by not having so many G 20 Meetings
looking for ways to save money? Here in Canada we spent almost a billion dollars on a
meeting that erupted into violence and ill will. Everywhere the leaders go they demand
that the nations balance their books and put the international economy back on a stable
road. Unfortunately they spend anywhere from a 150 million to a billion dollars every time
they meet.
The fallout is they waste money, put a strain on the environment, consume enormous
amounts of fuel and accomplish almost nothing.
These people made the rules, and allowed the financial institutions and corporations to
defy financial sanity, they promoted spending over saving, and they propped up the very
companies that drove us to the eve of destruction. Now they are holding meetings to
propose solutions you and I will pay for in increased fees, taxes, and reduced services.
If they are going to hold all these meeting. at least we could see some positive results,
and while there at it, it is time to make those responsible pay for the mess. Oh I forgot,
the people sitting at the conference table are the one responsible for the mess, they had
the legislative power to curtail it, but they were at a G20 meeting and missed there was
a problem.
Ahhh, the G-20. I think the 20 stands for 20 nations. And the G? I believe it's the conviction of the leadership of these 20 nations that the "G" stands for their God-given right to dictate the rules.
The last G20 meeting was a waste of money and resource which solved or improved nothing.... now they're having another one..... and I thought these things only came together once a year, not every couple of months.

They claim these things bring in all sorts of money and are good for the local businesses, yet how many businesses are we hearing of in Toronto bragging about all the money they made during the meetings.... and how many business did we hear of ending up having to repair their businesses from protesters and police actions?

You know, back in the day, this sort of thing would make the public drag their sorry *** leaders out into town square and placed in a guillotine.

This is a classic case of our leaders suffering from "Let them eat cake" syndrome..... and the french invented a remedy for that illness a while back.

Now I'm not suggesting people resort to violence or create a revolution and such...... I'm just tossing that out a little history and leaving it at that.
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I thought it was just a dis that caught on so much that it's known by this name rather than it's original name much to the chagrin of the countries that are participating. Greed 2.0 was coined in 1997 by a now MIA reporter in Seattle Washington but some say it originally came from Hunter S Thompson. Posed as a replacement for the NWO the Group moved to consolidate it's hold on the governments of the most powerful nations on Earth to consolidate the collective wealth into personal holdings and thus hold some tenuous control over old guard. Greed 2.0 was later abbreviated to G20 and then G 20 by hipster wanks embedded to simply distract from the reality that these guys are stealing us blind.

Damn those hipster wanks!
The problem is every time they have a meeting the economic picture gets much worse
in view of that you would think it would dawn on them to quit holding meetings.
This time they are arguing over currency wars, which will undoubtedly happen on top of the "quantative easing" which is just another phrase for "inflating the dollar" which is going to nail everyone come spring.

I hope everyone is ready for another bail out too.
Once every 5 or 10 years.
lone wolf
I thought it was something like a PA day
Actually I think the problem will begin to manifest itself before spring. The Mortgage problems
are going to hit soon, in fact Santa may not have as many chimneys to crawl down, or the
residents will be moved around. Its easier for Santa to drop presents on park benches.
yes there will be a lot of pain and it will be all over the world. Some people are going to finally
wake up and economically sober up. I am preparing hard for the mess ahead. I will not buy
one single thing I cannot pay for, even for the farm.

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