Toronto Acid Cloud

From the Globe and Mail:

Toronto Police have ordered residents of a Scarborough neighbourhood to stay indoors because a chemical plant is leaking a dangerous substance.
A cloud of sulphuric acid-type mist is covering a 100-metre radius from the company, located at 10 Chemical Court, near Lawrence Avenue East and Morningside Avenue.

Location of chemical cloud in Scarborough

“It’s highly corrosive and toxic and the best thing is, obviously, to stay away from it, not expose yourself to it and the safest place to be is inside,” said Constable Wendy Drummond.
Const. Drummond said police have implemented a “shelter in place” order for local schools, businesses and residents. They are also advising people to close their windows and turn off circulation systems that draw in outside air.
Police are not planning an evacuation. “That would bring people out into the danger,” Const. Drummond said.
Hazardous materials crews are on scene to control the leak. There are no reports of injuries.
Fortunately, it's only within 100m radius.

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