Working at Disney worse than fighting Taliban


Working at Disney worse than fighting Taliban | (external - login to view)


MORE people would rather risk being shot and blown up in Afganistan than work for Disney.

A survey of the most desirable places to work in the US ranked the Magical Kingdom well below the Army.

Despite the rising death tolls in Afganistan, where thousands of soldiers are deployed, the bloodshed in Iraq and the low pay, Americans still view the Army as a good employer.

Disney, which employs more 100,000 people worldwide and is billed as the happiest place on Earth, came 41st in the career survey.

Workers at Disney's theme parks have called the work conditions there brutal and accused bosses of being motivated solely by profit.

Some have even started to refer to the theme parks as "Mousewitz".

Google topped the list of best employers but it was beaten by the US military on career advancement.

The survey by jobs website (external - login to view) used independent reviews to evaluate opportunities for growth, pay and work-life balance.

Bradley Brummel, a psychology professor at University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, explained why the military had happy workers.

"Despite challenges that may occur when serving our country, including the possibility of going to war, the military provides many of the essential elements to finding happiness at work, including having a meaningful impact on the world, having true camaraderie with your co-workers and having the opportunities to develop skills,"

And you get to blow up stuff...... but this doesn't surprise me about Disney.... ever since I was 5 and I first saw that cartoon where Mickey, Donald and Goofy climbed that mountain and Mickey decided he wanted to eat a helpless Eagle's egg, I knew they were evil.
one negative about the army... they have a high Turnover rate...

at least at Google, you can keep your job as long as you like.
<insert Burka joke here>
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<insert Burka joke here>

I don't get it.
C'mon Prax... you know you want to go to Disney World.

Come... come worship The Mouse.

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