Should Fraternities and Sororities be Part of a Canadian Student's Experience?

Alleged hazing at a University of Alberta fraternity is in the news.
No comment out of frat house at centre of hazing controversy | Edmonton | News | Edmonton Sun (external - login to view)
There has been a long-standing debate at universities across Canada whether sororities and fraternities should be part of campus life. The University of Alberta stresses that these organizations are not exclusive cliques.
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From the previous website, the advantages of membership are stressed.

A partial quote from the website:
"What sororities are:
A life-long support system that provides career opportunities and networking opportunities during college and in the real world.
An organization that values philanthropy and community service.
A place where women learn to be leaders.
A place to meet amazing friends who will always be there for you when you need them.
A place to enjoy formal dances, date parties and other fun social events."

However, imbedded in the quote is the implicit suggestion that those who are not members may not have the same career opportunities as a result of "networking."

There are no fraternities at the University of Saskatchewan.
University of Saskatchewan Archives - The Student Experience (external - login to view)
Suggested is the University of Saskatchewan's commitment to the "democratic" ideal.

Which side are you on?
U of A fraternity stripped of student group privileges (external - login to view)
Belonging to such a group is good, it is what builds the concept of volunteerism and service and business
clubs in future years. It is part of the social fabric of our country and only the politically correct and the
prudes of our world, well more like the kill joys are the ones who want everyone to sit around and watch
paint dry. young people have been wild and crazy for a hundred years at least. Before the Internet and the
modern news media, people didn't hear about the antics, we only saw a sanitized version from the movies.
The world will go on and the organizations will to either in their present form or underground.
Sure, why not. ive them th whole exrerience.
I see no point in them. While they spout off all that great crap of specialism and self imposed self-entitlement, many of these little groups treat you as if you're less then scum, you are subjected to assaults, public embarrassments and humiliation, sexual assaults and violations with objects, dangerous drinking games and dangerous pranks & stunts..... and it usually goes on for a lot longer then just a day.

All they are, are an excuse to be immature and socially destructive *** clowns.

Might as well insult some gang on the street, let them beat the living sh*t out of you, stomp your face onto a curb and be done with it then to subject yourself to that sort of crap...... at least the gang would be done with you quicker.

I went through college, we never had frats, I had no interest in meeting or hanging out with anybody in a frat and all those I met were total jackasses who thought because they were a part of Beta Gamma Banana Pie Alpha from Melmac that somehow means something to the rest of the world and thus, must be treated as royalty..... when they've done nothing to deserve such a title except abuse their own members and use their voluntary work as an excuse to drink and party even more.

The only job opportunities Frats offer are jobs former frat members are working in..... but in reality, unless you want to spend the rest of your life working for the same clowns who made you suck a turd out of a used condom and allow the ugliest girl on campus to shove a cob of corn up your ****...... a frat is pretty much meaningless in the long run.

Sorry, I have more respect for myself then that..... and I had plenty of fun during my years in college with friends I didn't always have to keep an eye on or be subjected to some humiliating BS in order to fit into their little selective circle.

If Frats were gone tomorrow, I certainly wouldn't shed a tear.

And I'm certainly not the most politically correct, nor would I consider myself back then "A Prude"..... as I've done more then my fair share of illegal, wrong, stupid and crazy things at that age with those I went to college with.......

..... the only difference is that what we did and what we found fun and amusing wasn't at the expense of someone else's dignity, let alone risk to their life.


And it's probably a good thing I never liked Frats, because with my imagination and creativity, those in my frat would be in a living hell...... Turd out of a used condom? I could think of worse things.
personally I've never seen the need for these groups, but, I also only get the very jaded/limited/fantastical version of them that the media portrays, not the down to earth every day stuff. I've never know anyone who belonged to one, or needed one.
Honestly, it's the hazing that I take issue with. Some of them goes way beyond simple pranks, and can lead to permanent scarring(either physical or mental). Getting rid of hazing altogether would be fine.
I don't think the hazing is necessary either but freedom of assembly and fraternity
are as old as our society not only in institutions of higher learning, but in society
itself. Kinsmen and Rotary and so on. There is a need for these groups they build
a kinship that is national right across the country where people can network to help
each other out.

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