Gory film artist pleads not guilty to moral corruption

Gory film artist pleads not guilty to moral corruption - CTV News

Special effects filmmaker Remy Couture, centre, demonstrates outside the Montreal courthouse with supporters dressed as zombies, in Montreal, Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010.


MONTREAL It was like a scene from a Wes Craven movie Wednesday outside the Montreal courthouse. There were about 20 demonstrators, dressed as ghouls and zombies, around the building to protest criminal charges being laid against a maker of gory films.

Remy Couture requested a jury trial and pleaded not guilty to charges of moral corruption and distributing obscene material, laid under Section 163 of the Criminal Code.

Police say they arrested Couture after international complaints about the extremely gruesome and realistic-looking violence on his website. That site, Inner Depravity (external - login to view), is temporarily shut down.

But Couture calls the case a disgrace.

"I believe it's a waste of time. A waste of time for me, and for society," he said Wednesday.

"It's a waste of money, too. Because I'm not a criminal. I have no record. I'm a special-effects artist. . . "I find this a bit of an embarrassment for Quebec, that this time wouldn't be spent on real cases. But they're going ahead."

He said his only crime is using fake blood, latex and silicone to help tell disturbing stories.

He has in the past scoffed at attempts to draw a link between gory films and real-life violence; he has noted that millions of people watch those movies without becoming killers, while a simple Beatles song (Helter Skelter) was cited as an inspiration for the Manson family murders.

Couture's case has drawn thousands of supporters to an online petition and to his own personal website.

Some of those people came out to express their support in person Wednesday.

One woman painted as a zombie said she wasn't even a fan of horror films but felt it important to fight for Couture's right to make them.

Another woman with a mock facial wound said, "It's censorship," as fake blood oozed from her lips.

Now that's just sad..... what is this, the 1950's still?

What's the difference between what he does and what others have done with various shows and movies..... one example that comes to mind is "The Hills Have Eyes"

^ Nobody threw them to the court did they?

Besides, it's his own web site showcasing his own work...... indeed, you'd think the Quebec courts would have something better to do.
I'm quite surprised that this made it to court in Quebec. The guy is essentially a makeup artist, his website showcases his work, and he's being charged for it? Anyone gone to the movies lately?

Good heavens.
Quote: Originally Posted by TenPennyView Post

I'm quite surprised that this made it to court in Quebec. The guy is essentially a makeup artist, his website showcases his work, and he's being charged for it? Anyone gone to the movies lately?

Good heavens.

Next we'll have women thrown into the courts for exposing their ankles in public.

Oh wait.... there's more skin to worry about these days then ankles
I feel we're butting up against a very fine line between entertainment and slaughter porn/snuff films, and I suspect that's exactly what people felt he crossed with his website, although the article didn't seem to come right out and say it. I suspect you'll start to see more and more cases like this as the envelope gets pushed further and further.
lone wolf
Hint: If the 'dead' cast attended the after-film festivities, they probably weren't snuffed.
When Hollywood does it, that's okay, but anyone else, it's criminal?
Quote: Originally Posted by lone wolfView Post

Hint: If the 'dead' cast attended the after-film festivities, they probably weren't snuffed.

Indeed.... nobody was really killed and there is no mention of porn anywhere in the article, so that's a bit of a leap in speculation.

Of course since the web site is down, it can not be confirmed or denied..... but if all that was used was makeup and special effects and it's clearly disclaimed that:

A) None of it's real (shouldn't have to disclaim that) and
Have an adult-only entrance to the site

Then there's no case or argument.... no matter how brutal or gory his special effects and camera work is.

It was on his personal web site on the internet, not on TV during super hour for the kiddies to see..... and if the issue was porn, then somebody needs to see what else there is out there on the internet, because there's plenty more out there I imagine is far far worse..... like those web sites (I won't list their URL's) that show photos and videos of people that are REALLY being killed or brutally attacked..... sites that show accidents, murders, terrorist executions, gang attacks, train accidents, people being drugged and raped..... there's plenty of those sites out there and many exist within the US whom are supposed to be more uptight then we are.

Yet this guy was sent to the courts for "Moral Corruption?"

How does one define Moral Corruption?

Who's morals are they comparing to?

This to me is yet another one of those examples where a bunch of clucks who have nothing better to do get together to blame a game company or a tv station or a band/musician for what someone else did or might do, rather then directly blaming the actual offender who should be responsible for his or her own actions.

What I believe is Moral Corruption is when others try and force their morals onto others and punish those who's morals are different or they don't approve of.

Someone's personal morals is irrelevant.... what's relevant is if that someone poses any risk/threat to the public and those around them.

I could make a 3 hour epic movie that's nothing but babies and fetuses strapped with TNT blowing up inside churches (fake of course) and yet never threaten let alone harm anybody all my life.... I could be a caring, generous family guy who loves his children whom are also respectful people and contribute plenty to my community..... but suddenly if I create something for others entertainment that might not be full of rainbows and puppy dogs with butterfly wings and pixi dust..... I'm morally corrupting people.....

Morally corrupting people whom I thought were adults and grown up enough to make their own damn decisions..... not brainless monkey drones who can't think for themselves and are so impressionable and dimwitted that they believe and follow everything they're told in some internet movie or show..... and if they hear a cow Moo in a field as they pass by, they actually "Moooove."

If that was truly the case, how exactly did these idiots survive this long?

If that was the case, how exactly did these impressionable idiots escape being locked away in a prison or mental institution for so long?

Why isn't anybody arresting their parents for raising them to be so damn stupid and un-able to think for themselves?

One would think that the moment they watched the original Care Bears on TV and attempted to Care Bear Stare their friends by shooting a yellow beam from their wang, would have been the moment they'd be dealt with or sent away.
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