Parents: Dying Girl, 7, Taunted by Neighbors in Trenton

Let me just put a warning out this is beyond the most ridiculous thing i ever seen by one person lowest scum bags on earth. Advice you if you cannot handle this do not watch this is a heart stoping video i seen all day. i water my eyes just listen to this disguting people.

here what happen

Parents: Dying Girl Kathleen Edward Taunted By Neighbors In Trenton (external - login to view)

here after the world knows about it. see after they get harrased and get eggs and death threats they apgolize now... hum wonderi f someone will take there picture and make skulls and post on face book.

Apology for Taunting Dying Little Girl (external - login to view)

this people only apgolize to hope people would stop harrasing them. yea... these people don't deserve any respect at all. wish the other parents the best luck and hopefully these people will grow up.
Can only say that fate, god, the stars---whatever---will get even with these people. You do not shat on your neighbours without some of it getting on you too!
why has only one posteds a comment of this?

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