Canadian Military Victim`s Famlies Not Happy With Withdrawl

These people make me sick to my stomach.

Perhaps worried they may have to face the fact we/they were duped and dragged into this conflict by US ***-licking polititions here at home? And for what reason?

Warning...the first one to mention 9/11 gets puked on by JBeee!

Soldier's mom urges Harper to keep troops in Afghanistan (external - login to view)
Why do they make you sick to your stomach? Because they display fortitude and want to persevere? Because they don't want the sacrifice of their loved ones to be a complete waste?

We weren't duped and dragged into this conflict by the US. We finally did something we should have done after the muj'hadin drove the Soviets out of their country: we committed to helping rebuild a country that fought for themselves but also at our (NATO's) behest. Puke away JBeee but 9/11 wasn't an isolated incident and while we may not be a primary target to the fundamentalist islamic terrorist groups like al-Qaeda most of the time, Canada still is damaged collaterally when our allies and trading partners are attacked.

The attitude of Canadians toward this conflict amazes and disappoints me; we keep wanting to believe the great myth of the Canadian Peace Keeper but we don't want to acknowledge that we have been peace makers and that is ultimately the only way to bring stability to some of these places. What do we prefer to showcase as an example of our attitude: the Balkans or Rwanda?
"Because they don't want the sacrifice of their loved ones to be a complete waste?".....

Its unfortunate but that is what we will be admitting to with our planned pull-out.

Showing our `support` for our terrorist neighbours the way we have is/was both disgusting and shameful to begin with. America deserved the kick-in-the-nuts it recieved....period.

*pukes on wulfie68*

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