One of the best comments on the CBC online, IMHO.

Dunno who this is but I wish he/she would join CC.
To the people of Newfoundland, from Steve.

I'm sorry (not really) that I couldn't visit NL to get a first-hand assessment of the damage, caused by Igor, but, as you know, I had a photo-op to attend to, at the UN. (And Danny, you've never addresssed the UN, have you?)

There are priorities, and then there are priorities, and getting Canada a seat on the Security Council is one of them. Just think of the global exposure I would get, especially being able to rubber-stamp every US motion.

Now, there are some people in NL who say that I have a 'hate' on for NL. That's just not true. I have the same respect for NLers that I have for gays, lesbians, and non-christians.

So, hang in there, and if we come up with some spare dollars, we'll send it to you.

Your Prime Minister
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