New Tory Plan For "Mass Refugees," Worth Considering

Refugees that come en masse pay somebody for their long boatride, where does that money go? We don't know.

By encouraging boatloads of refugess to come here in this way we give the terrorist Tamil tigers a chance to make money and buy arms to continue their struggle. This encourages terrorism, not in Canada, but elsewhere in the world. Do we want to do this? I don't think we should.

Human smuggling plan flawed, say refugee experts -

Human smuggling plan flawed, say refugee experts

Published On Tue Sep 21 2010

Joanna Smith Ottawa Bureau

OTTAWA—Detaining migrants who arrive in Canada in large groups for a longer period than other asylum seekers would do little to crack down on smuggling, refugee experts say, and might also violate human rights.

Critics reacted harshly on Tuesday to a report by The Canadian Press that the Conservative government intends to create a new class of refugee claimants — the “mass arrival” — to help combat human smuggling.

The report published Monday cites a draft memo of proposed changes to immigration law, which would require migrants who land in Canada in large numbers — such as the nearly 500 Tamils who arrived on the coast of British Columbia aboard the MV Sun Sea ship this summer — to wait two weeks instead of two days for their first detention hearing.

The draft proposal also calls for the doubling the waiting period for subsequent detention reviews to 60 days from 30.

The memo noted legislation would give the immigration minister new powers “to designate as a mass arrival” a large group of asylum seekers “where the minister is of the opinion that resources available to respond to the particular circumstances of the arrival means examinations cannot be conducted in a timely manner.”
Bar Sinister
I have always wondered why the government did not intercept the Tamil ship at sea and turn it back. Can it be that it actually thought there was something to the refugee claim?
You know of course that we'er paying to put these "refugees" up,and paying for their legal council? I think the govt just didn't know what to do,then didn't want to look bad,Austrailia did the right thing in my opinion.
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Harpo and crew have taken a lot of well deserved flak for the Tamil thing.

Might not happen again. We might grow some balls and turn their "refugee" ship around. Suggest they try Gaza, or Israel, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan.


Too many other leeches (mostly on Parliament Hill, Bay St., and Wall St. in the US), slowly but surely sucking the blood out of us.


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