Is the human race mutating?

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The horrible incident in Pitt Meadows (16 year old girl doped, gang raped and then photographed for Facebook and U tube) No one at the party came to her aid. In West Kelowna recently a teenage girl was murdered at a party while no one made a move to help her. What are we raising and why is it happening? If in fact it takes a community to raise a child, then our communities are rotten. I'm sure not one to diagnose the situation but I sure do wonder if lack of parental supervision isn't part of the equation.

Itís all that porn that is easy to access on the Internet and streaming video made it more higher quality media.

All kinds of sexual deviancy that is available to anyone that wants it from children experiencing puberty to the older population.

A long time ago one had to jump through hoops to get on those sites but now all of the security features have been removed.

What happened to the police that monitor this or government that is supposed to pass laws against this?

The government has to make the Internet service providers responsible for this because as the girl that had to go through that horrific experience it was like the ISPs covering the ears of the other people that were there so they could not hear.
Ron in Regina
Sexual deviancy has been around as long as people have been, and maybe
longer than that. I recall a video that Spaminator posted onto this Forum of
a Monkey sexually assaulting a Frog. That was absolutely nasty.....

Access to information is what has changed in the last generation or two, to
levels never seen in human history. Fifty years ago, if this Gang Rape
happened in BC, would someone in Ontario have even heard about it?
That wouldn't mean that it didn't happen....just that it would have only
been known of locally.

The Police are yanking this video of this Rape off the internet as fast as they
can, but its being re-posted elsewhere as fast as they can have it taken down.

Nobody can predict and quash something that hasn't been posted yet until
it happens, but can only react to it once it does happen, and hopefully with
some Draconian deterrents so that others will not repeat that behavior. If
they could predict & quash this behavior before it happened, there would
be no need for Moderators on this Forum, or elsewhere, and the word SPAM
would only mean Spiced Ham as the Unsolicited Advertising wouldn't exist.

If ISP's had to be responsible for the content of their customers as soon as
they post something (or predicatively before they do so), Forums like this
would be one of the first things to go extinct. I know, first hand, that some
pretty weird shyte hits this Forum very often, but most of it is caught before
anyone sees it. Most is not all though...and some of the stuff that slips by
the Auto-Mod & the Mods is there until someone (a Member) points it out.
That might be in minutes from its happening, or years later if it wasn't
reported and just buries itself in the Thousands of Threads here over the

Trust me when I say that Kiddie Porn HAS hit this Forum, and we've removed
it, & contacted the local authorities, who have worked with Interpol on it. With
the right to access to the internet does come responsibilities.
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