Welcome To The Coming Surveillance Society

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Welcome To The Coming Surveillance Society

For the last several years the surveillance society has been documented by many who fear that privacy is being eroded, and that freedoms are being slowly eliminated, for those who have not been keeping up, who always wondered how freedoms could be eroded and eliminated almost overnight, I invite you to visit the coming surveillance society, and get acquainted with just a few of the ways it will be monitoring and tracking your every move.

1. Satellites

A recent CNN video has confirmed that local law enforcement agencies and U.S. civilian agencies will have regular use of the nations spy Satellites. They are going to be providing high resolution images, privacy groups are concerned that the powers will be misused.

In the movie enemy of the state, spy satellites are used to not only listen, recognize faces, but to track from location to location. If such technology is misused, it could have the potential to harm and hinder freedoms that are valued in today's society.

2. Drones

It has just been announced that predator drones will now be used to watch and monitor the U.S. Mexican border. Predator drones are unmanned mini aircraft, equipped with cameras and in some cases weaponry.

The other notable factor is just how much money the U.S. government has spent on recruitment technology that can be masked as video games. They have even created virtual games that report back the users score. Could the U.S. be training a generation to kill with the remote ease of pushing a button, and with as little remorse?

Will citizens that step out of line be taken out of line as easily as the insurgents in the above video were? Only the future surveillance society will tell.

3. RFID Chips

RFID Chips are in more and more technology items and the chips can be used to track individuals within a few feet. These chips are in cellphones, bank cards, door passes, computers, and a variety of other items that the user carries in their possession on a daily basis.

The technology is becoming more and more invasive, and being used for a wider range of purposes and uses. Walmart recently announced it will start to use RFID in their retail clothing.

In the future, every item you buy, dollar exchanged, and electronic that you carry will may well have some form of RFID that will let the state monitor your activity. RFID tags that are tracked together, could give out a lot of information about the users that are carrying them, such as location and who else is present at the time.

IBM is even working on a Bar Code Reader' for DNA, while Somark prefects ist's Invisible barcodes for humans.

It's the coming age of a truly advanced surveillance society.

4. Mind Reading

The technology is not only currently available, but there were suggestions that this technology would be used at airports in the future.

The hope for the future is to have technology that is so advanced that a simple invisible beam can be remotely placed on the forehead that will be able to tell the monitoring station all that the individual is thinking. Many would be surprised at how far advanced the technology has truly become.

5. Citizen Informant Network

Many do not realise that there is in place a vast citizen network in most cities that are fully capable of tracking and monitoring an average citizen from sunrise to sunset. Many do not realise that in most cities there are groups of citizens informants being used to keep track of average citizens 24/7.

http://www.amazon.com/dp/1453803319 (external - login to view)

In the book Closing The Gap, it's reveals that using occupational health and safety laws, communities, workplaces, educational facilities, and others are able to list individuals on community monitoring and watch lists, and have them monitored for years to come.

Not only is the society now set up that way, but it seems that the young are being constantly conditioned to think that this is acceptable, and the way that things should be.

6. CCTV Cameras

Though the U.K. constantly come under fire, and are known for having the most CCTV cameras than any other country. The U.K. has one CCTV camera for every 14 people. Many major world cities are catching up. Cities such as New York, Washington and Toronto are added more and more CCTV cameras.

New York has steadily been increasing it's use of CCTV, since the bombings, and cities like Toronto increased their CCTV usage for the G20 summit that was held in that city. It's reported that CCTV's were installed on nearly every single corner of the Toronto downtown core.

In future those quite little walks and private outings that were enjoyed my many may well no longer exist. Everywhere you go, you may well have someone, or something mechanical monitoring your every move. Giving up privacy for what is a sense of security, but is the trade off truly worth it? Only the citizens of the surveillance society can decide this in future.

7. Online Privacy

More and more laws are being enacted that could challenge online privacy, and anonymity in the future.
China is trying to rapidly end anonymity online. The reason the internet has been so successful and far reaching is that it provides expression, intelligent exchange, and a wide range of ideas not normally found offline. Also because you can be anyone and anything online, you get a wider range of opinions, truthful opinions, and ideas than you might otherwise have. The lightening fast paced exchange of information might not have happened as readily if everyone's true information had to be revealed. Individuals who blow the whistle to sites such as Conspiracy TV, wikileaks, etc, might not have happened without this essential element of the Internet, and now those freedoms are being directly challenged in many far reaching, and unacceptable ways.

8. Pre-Crime Policing Technology

From the U.K. to the U.S. police and other agencies are starting to dabble in pre-crime policing technology. Technology that could well tell you when someone is about to commit a crime, or rather when the technology tells you that someone is about to commit a crime. The U.S. is even discussing parole based on this technology. Individuals in future could have their stay in jail, shortened or extended based on technology.

In the U.K. C.R.U.S.H. evaluates crime records, intelligence briefings, criminal profiles and weather reports, to try and determine if a crime is about to occur. It's technology that will be able to prove you guilty, before you have a chance to declare your innocence.

9. Minority Report Ads

These are billboards that are already being developed by Japanese firm NEC. The billboards would use face recognition technology to confirm gender, age, and other factors and then proposition ads accordingly. The faces supposedly will not be stored for every long, but this is just one more way that consumers will be placed under surveillance, and advertised to directly. The name of this technology in Japan is called the Next Generation Digital Signage Solution.

In the U.S. IBM is leading the way for this type of Digital Advertising technology. Train stations, bus stops, and the sides of buildings. Surveillance and advertising all rolled into one. IBM says that consumers will only be shown adverts geared to the individual.

In the city of Leon in Mexico, everything will soon be linked to your iris scans. Technology is being implemented that will access all of your data based on your iris scan. Be it entering your home, opening a car door, going to work, the pharmacy to have a prescription filled, or accessing your medical records, it will all be based on your iris scan.

The creator of this system, believes that every person, place and thing on the planet will be connected to this system within the next 10 years.

10. Social Networking Sites

Our society just loves social networking sites. Seeing who we can connect with, making new friends, catching up with old. We love our social circles, and oddly so does that state for the purposes of monitoring, tracking and surveillance.

One of the top social networking sites online is increasingly being used by law enforcement and others, as a profiling database. Police use it to trackdown the friends, family, and associates of individuals of interests. The site is used to see who is interconnected to whom. Your circle, those of your friends, and their friends. If a crime happens and an individual is sought, some social networking sites have been very helpful with tracking down the individual.

One site is so advanced some users get emails advising them that they might know specific individuals not listed on their friend list, but individuals based on who their extended circles know and associate with.

It's just one more way that you will be tracked, monitored and placed under surveillance in the future.

Welcome to the Surveillance Society. It's here
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All you need to be is on Facebook.
How so?

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Are you saying we don't live in a society that monitors and tracks citizens?
Well, RFID technology for one. Where it could be used for tracking someone, it hasn't. The book is basically fear mongering, preying upon peoples ignorance of technology.
Someone on another forum pointed out that the article was hard to accept due to the mind reading stuff. There are links on the original article that back all that stuff up. I can post the reference links here if you like.

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Not spamming, these are the links that come with the original article, you can click and check out the content for each point being made.

RFID has and is being used. People can and are being tracked with RFID. Eg. Let's take a workpass, bank card, or door pass, if you get the frequency you can use it to track someone, and I know that this has happened.

Also if you watch the Youtube video on Cellphone stalking you can review the case of how a family were tracked with their cellphones 24/7, by someone harassing them. There were tracked and monitored 24/7.

I will post the video here.

YouTube - Cell Phone Hacking and Stalking wwwIDTheftSecuritycom

I am not saying that this is happening to everyone, it's just people seem to be a bit blank about some of the things that are happening, the ropes are being tightened, but people don't see to care, or get it.
MORE conspiracy goodies!!

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Gawd! They'd be sooooo bored spying on me. ROTFLOL
A new book on gang-stlking and mind-control has just been released. You can find it at:

Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control: The Destruction of Society Through Community Spying Networks by A. K. Forwood in Mystery & Crime (external - login to view)

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