Public gets a rare glimpse of Viscount Severn and Lady Louise as royals return home (Prince Edward's Children)

Royal fans got a treat on Monday as the British Royal Family returned from their holiday.

Queen Elizabeth II, her husband Prince Philip and some of their children and grandchildren spent two days on a small cruise ship, the Hebridean Princess, sailing around Scotland's western isles.

As the Royal Family disembarked the ship on the mainland, the two youngest members of the Royal Family were photographed. That, so far, has been a rarity.

Lady Louise Windsor, aged six, and James, Viscount Severn, aged two, were spotted disembarking with their parents, Prince Edward - the Queen's youngest child - and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Edward and Sophie have been reluctant to allow their children to enter the media spotlight, partly because Louise was born with extropia, which causes a squint.

Both Louise (who resembles her grandmother the Queen when she was that age) and James may one day become Head of State. James is eighth in line to the throne and Louise is ninth in line.

Also on the cruise were Peter Phillips and his wife Autumn Phillips. Peter is the son of the Queen's daughter, Princess Anne, the Princess Royal (who was also on the cruise) and works for the Royal Bank of Scotland. His wife Autumn, who is Canadian, is pregnant with the Queen's first great-grandchild, which is expected to be born in December.

Three notable absentees from the cruise were Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry. Charles, though, was there to greet his family on their return.

Edward's little lad and Lady

The Daily Mirror

Prince Edward (centre) and wife Sophie (left) with their children James, Viscount Severn and Lady Louise Windsor. Also shown are Peter Phillips, the son of the Princess Royal, who works as a manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland, his Canadian wife Autumn Phillips and Princess Eugenie. Autumn Phillips is pregnant with the Queen's first great-grandchild.

Royal watchers got a special treat yesterday - a rare glimpse of Prince Edward's little nippers.

His daughter Lady Louise Windsor, six, and two-year-old son James, Viscount Severn - who are ninth and eighth in line to the throne respectively - were snapped returning from an 11-day cruise with the rest of the Royal Family.

James kept a firm grip of mum Sophie's hand while Louise, wearing a pink headscarf, strode along in between her dad and her auntie Anne, the Princess Royal.

Edward and Sophie have taken pains to shield their children from media attention.

Louise has been kept out of the spotlight partly because she was born with extropia, which causes a squint.

But she seemed happy enough to be snapped with cousins Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie (Prince Andrew's children) as they left the Hebridean Princess with their gran The Queen leading the way.

Prince Charles, who has been in Caithness, was there to greet his family's return to dry land.

Runs in the family: The Earl of Wessex's daughter Louise joined the party. The little girl appears to resemble her grandmother the Queen as a youngster

Land ahoy: Autumn Phillips, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice and Prince Andrew the Duke of York as they disembark the Hebridean Princess

Summer holidays: The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh accompanied by the Prince Charles, Prince of Wales as they leave the boat yesterday
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