Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist

''So WTF is responsible for all the I.E.D.s in Afghanistan?''

Remnants of weaponry given to them by Republican Reagan.
Yeah, like we haven't discussed and documented the truth before.

Pay strict attention to this new government programů

THE PATRIOT MICRO CHIP is intended to be implanted in terrorists.

The implant is specifically designed to be installed in the forehead.

When properly installed, it will allow the one implanted, to speak to God.

It comes in various sizes:

The exact size of the implant will be selected by a well-trained and highly skilled technician.

The implant may or may not be painless. Side effects, like headaches and nausea, are temporary.
Some bleeding or swelling may occur at the injection site.

Please enjoy the security we provide for you.
Best regards,

According to the Bible, a God believing nation does not need an army of any kind. See Psalm 81

YouTube - Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED Adam Gadahn amp Yousef al-Khattab

Actually, it's got about 100 hard core members still alive.

Canadians are so terrified of their own power that it bends the mind what would happen if the US and allies were to feed that data to Canadians who want to get out of this war with honor.


On so many levels I'm not going to tell you about, how about and what if the way we make it honorable for Canadian troops pull out is if we do something so embarrassing...

In order to get away with it, I want the ability to build our own jets back.

Obama... we will end this war with assassination of all the ****ing warlords if you can find some replacements to deal with the nut-headed population.

Aww... that's not fair... Okay... Obama... *you* end the war and we find people to establish administrative order.

Except there's something you're missing that everyone else in the Old World knows.

Those cone-heads living in Afghanistan are living there because all good-hearted people around them kickedc them there.

They are to Eurasian what Innuit are to Canucks... namely a bunch of bullies kicked into the hardest land. They didn't run away seeking freedom.
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YouTube - Al Qaeda Doesnt Exist

YouTube - Al Qaeda Doesnt Exist pt 2

YouTube - Al Qaeda Doesnt Exist Documentary - 3

You sure come up with some idiotic topics. Do you have enough tinfoil?
I'm fine, thanx for asking mate
Al Qaeda probably exists. I was reading some theories on this and one was that Al Qaeda actually translate to The Toilet, which makes no sense. You've got to really think the public is moronic to create a group and call it The Toilet, even in another language.
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Al-Qaeda is a neo-con zionist invention.

Peanuts killed more Americans than

Relatives of the victims in the Twin towers might not believe you.
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Relatives of the victims in the Twin towers might not believe you.

a sort of "why would my government want to hurt me" thingy??

I feel sorry for them.........If I had lost a relly or friend in 9/11, I wouldnt stop till I got to the bottom of who did what........but thats just me

remember, it was those same governments and media that told us saddam had wmd........
remember, its those same governments and media telling us that iran has nuclear weapons, almost.....
remember, its those same governments and media that fell silent when israel attacked the palistinian aid flotilla
remember, its those same governments and media that told us we'd all die if we didnt get a pig flu vaccine
remember it's those same govs and media that told us we were causing global warming
remember, its those same governments and media telling us BULL****!!!!!!!!
just how much ya gunna take?

need I go on?
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