South Africaaner Wins in British Open

#1 - Oosthuizen Takes British Open (external - login to view)

This surprise winner who was a leader from the first day was a refreshing win - you have to be a magician to
fight those winds at St. Andrews.

Nice to see a new name and face holding up a winner's trophy and boy he was a cool one during the whole tourney. Had to laugh at the announcers strangling to get his name pronounced correctly....
As long as Woods didn't win it....
I was extremely happy to see him last the whole week end, as he took the lead on the first day,
and didn't look back, that is very unusual in a major championship, but he looked in control all
week end, was very solid, made very intelligent decisions, and got it done.

congrats to him.

I am looking forward to seeing many more new winners in 'all' tournaments, and I am looking forward to
the so-called front runners, woods/ mikkelson ets., to fade away, as I am sick and tired of the media
sucking up to their reputations, and not giving everyone else the time of day.

So bring it on 'young' golfers, show us who you are, kick butt out there, and push those big names
out of the limelight.

tomorrow when I listen to team 1040, they will say how boring the tournament was, and some no-name
won it, and it was dissapointing that woods and company were not up there to gather all the attention,
NOT me, I'm glad.
I wish there was a little more suspense. The winner was decided very early in the round.
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I wish there was a little more suspense. The winner was decided very early in the round.

you only knew that at the end of the tournament, as he could have been overtaken anytime along the way,
and I find it rather refreshing and exciting that he led all the way.

You nailed it girl - I enjoyed the tournament and it was nice to see a brand new personality who could "do no wrong". Usually I have an upset stomach by the final rounds - all those nailbiters one stroke away from if I can only get my tongue wrapped around the name hehe...
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