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This is how travelers to the United States are being treated, and why our tourism is in melt-down.
I washed the soundtrack through the computers to make it easier to hear what the goon with the uniform is saying, and here is the mp3. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ALL YOUR STATE TOURISM OFFICES AND NEWSPAPERS! (external - login to view)
So, this is one reason Canadians think Americans are self important and arrogant. In this case I'm sure it was some over zealous noob border guard, but...
Slim Chance
Some people don't get it. You don't screw with the Customs Agency or the CRA/IRS under any circumstances. They are their own law.
Just the Facts
The guy is a jerk. The customs officers were way too accomodating. I can't believe the time he took arguing with the doofus. I hope they returned his car to him in a wheelbarrow.
The Cdn guy is a bit funny, a bit of a hothead too. These US border guys don't know the meaning of a discussion, you just gotta answer with specifics a series of inane questions. Like the US border guy said, he is obstructing justice, bad news.

But yeah, it gonna hurt tourism. Equal rights don't always apply in another country if you ain't a citizen.

Sounds like it could be a play. Happens though.
I've been through this crossing the border from Canada to the US before: "Go to the canopy". It only happened once but it was unbelievably inconvenient and quite offensive. Other times, mostly by air, it's been quite pleasant and I've even been welcomed into and fast-tracked past the lineup for US citizens.

The guy was a jerk though and he shouldn't have given the officers a hard time. Moreover, he's an idiot since most people should know that the border guys have a lot of power awarded to them.
lone wolf
Was this guy wired to his own attitude with a low gain mike and hoping to score some "poor me" points?
Oh my God he deserved it fully.

Never argue with a American border guard they got guns.

He should try the same thing on the Canadian border guards they are not as accommodating even if you are from Canada.

When you get a top level car search the Canadian Border guards will rip the car into pieces.
Neither side dealt with it well, and they both contributed to an escalation of the situation.

As far as I can tell, the officer had every right to check further as part of a random check, though one would think when asked the reason for a question, he could give an intelligent response.

The man could have made things much easier for himself though by showing the officer some respect too. It's a two way street, and though the officer did contribute to some degree, in the end he asked to be arreted.
3 terrorists a day? That's ****ing hillarious!

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