After car enthusiast Steve Marsh died suddenly in his sleep, his family thought it would be appropriate to bury him under a one-ton replica of his beloved car.

Steve, 51, of Forest Green, east London, died from an undiagnosed heart problem last April, and his coffin was carried to the funeral on the back of an American pick-up truck.

But, a year after his death, his family decided to come up with an even greater way of remembering him.

They decided to comission a replica of his 60,000 BMW M3, with the number plate STEVE 1, to be carved out of granite. The car sits proudly on his gravestone.

Now he has the coolest grave for miles around.

Car-lover buried under one-ton granite carving ... of a BMW

By Daily Mail Reporter
5th May 2010

The family of a motor enthusiast who died suddenly in his sleep have paid tribute to him - with a scale model of his car as a gravestone.

Former Ford engineer Steve Marsh, 51, died from an undiagnosed heart problem last April, and his coffin was carried to the funeral on the back of an American pick-up truck.

But on the first anniversary of his death, his family came up with an even more novel way to remember him.

Fitting tribute: The family of car enthusiast Steve Marsh have had a replica BMW carved to mark his grave

Replica model: The BMW on Mr Marsh's grave is made of granite and even has a joke parking ticket

They commissioned a replica of his car - a 60,000 BMW M3 - to be carved out of granite, complete with personalised number-plate Steve 1. It now sits proudly atop his grave.

His family declined to reveal how much it cost, but said it was 'thousands of pounds'.

Mr Marsh's daughter Kerry, 31, said: 'He was a car enthusiast all his life, he loved cars from a child.

'He was known as BMW Steve.

'When my mum was in labour with me, my dad was outside fixing the nurse's car and got a page when it was time to come inside.

'When he went to the pub he would be washing his friend's cars, he loved cars and liked them to be clean.

'He always drove BMWs, we've all got them. We couldn't just give him a normal headstone.'

Sadly missed: Mr Marsh worked as an engineer for Ford and had loved cars since he was a child. He died from an undiagnosed heart problem

Mr Marsh's heartbroken wife Joanne, 51, and children Kerry and Vincent, 27, from Forest Gate in east London, ordered the black granite car from China.

The impressive BMW, complete with joke parking ticket, was unveiled on the first anniversary of his death on April 23.

It has lights which are painted silver, a complete dashboard and even tiny BMW logos on the wheels.

Miss Marsh added: 'We wanted it to look as realistic as possible. We had a lot of trouble getting it done.

'We had to order it from China and have it shipped over. It weighs about a ton and was made out of one piece of granite.

'I think my dad would absolutely love it.'

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