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Sunday, 02 May 2010 06:33

'One can imagine that were US soldiers to open fire with live ammunition on American protesters, this would not be acceptable. Likewise for Canada and most democratic nations. Yet somehow there is a void, a gaping hole in the media into which fall most potential reports on Israeli soldiers shooting with live ammunition on visibly unarmed demonstraters.
When Palestine is too far away, too "over there" and mired in "age-old conflict" for mild news viewers and readers to understand, perhaps the simple comparison of "would we accept this for ourselves?" is more apt. Would we accept that a young man in his early twenties is shot dead for prancing on his land, gleefully laughing in the faces of armed (Israeli) soldiers, delighting in accessing land that had been unilaterally cut off from him and its owners… should be shot dead for it?'
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