One down and Afghanistan to go!

Canada has completed its nearly two-decade peacekeeping mission in Bosnia, where around 40,000 Canadian troops have served.
The closing ceremony was held Monday at Camp Butmir in Sarajevo for the nine remaining Canadians.
The first Canadians came as U.N. military observers in 1991. Canadian troops stayed through the Bosnian conflict, which left 100,000 dead. They were joined by more Canadian troops who came as part of the 60,000-strong NATO-led force that deployed at the end of 1995 to enforce the peace agreement that ended the war.
Throughout the NATO mission in Bosnia, ground troops never engaged in combat, but 23 Canadians lost their lives, mainly in traffic accidents.
We need to stop policing the world like America Jr.
Yeah, if people want to commit genocide, we should just watch. It makes for good entertainment in the news.
lone wolf
Is Medak Pocket connected with Bosnia?

CANADA'S SECRET BATTLE-Medak Pocket (external - login to view)
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We need to stop policing the world like America Jr.

Isn't Canada the MAC DADDY of UN Peace Keepers?

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