Deadly Trade Deal espoused by Harpo

Here's a little number discovered in the "letters to the editor" column in our local rag.

Not important enough to be news. Just a letter to the editor.

Yep, Conservative since confederation. Our county, that is.

Shades of Mulrooo's "jobs jobs jobs"

That sucking sound you hear is the rest of our country goin south.

Federation of Labour feels trade deal will inhibit job creation - Editorials - By EMC News Smiths Falls Local Community News (external - login to view)
Jesus christ Nuggler we're being sold on the hoof by the Facsist Harpercons. That slimely godwhacked prorogating Nazi needs to move to New Yock to live with his carpet baggin buddies.
Canada cannot even get free trade between Provinces. Pathetic.

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