RIP Kate McGarrigle

You'll be missed. I'll be playing Dancer with Bruised Knees tonight in your honour.

Internationally acclaimed folk singer Kate McGarrigle, best known for performing with her sister Anna, has died of cancer. She was 63.
lone wolf
She's a real loss. To be honest, I'd never heard her work before so I gave a listen to Hard Times Come no More and Dancer with Bruised Knees on YouTube. How did I miss that?

Rest in Peace....
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YouTube - Kate amp Anna McGarrigle - Hard times come again no more

Linda Ronstadt recorded her song 'Heart Like a Wheel', and called her album that, but I much prefer Kate & Anna's version.
What a magnificent artist. She and her sister Anna were two of the most beloved singers in NYC back in the 70s and 80s.
Bar Sinister
That is unfortunate. A real talent and a great artist. Many of her songs were incredibly haunting.
Kate and Anna McGarrigle: Biography : Rolling Stone (external - login to view)
lone wolf
Heck! I didn't know she did the lumberjack song.... My baby daughter and I used to dance to that!
Dexter Sinister
Oh dear... that's so sad. Only 63 too, way too young to die. I think my favourite song I've heard Kate and Anna McGarrigle do is the cute and bouncy Log Driver's Waltz. CBC TV used to use it as a filler years ago, with a nice little animated short film to go with it. That was my introduction to them, and it appealed to me enough that I looked up who they were and bought some of their recordings. Lovely voices, with a sweet and wild quality about them that on their more powerfully emotional tunes reliably wound me up pretty strongly.

No more new Kate and Anna duets... <sigh>

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