Tomorrow (30th November) may be St Andrew's Day, Scotland's national day, but the event is going to be overshadowed by something which, to the Scots, is something truly horrific: the introduction of an ENGLISH whisky.

The malt Chapter 6, made by the English Whisky Co, is England's first new whisky in 100 years.

The bottles are red and white - England's national colours - and feature the iconic image of St George slaying the dragon.

Now the English are thinking of doing something truly unthinkable - introducing the drink to Scotland.

A promotional campaign in Scotland included an e-mail with a picture of a bulldog.

Of course, many racist Scots have been getting their knickers in a twist over this promotional campaign.

One sent an email back saying: 'How could you?' And another wrote: 'You've betrayed Scotland.'

And, if England win the 2010 World Cup (which would enrage the Scots) there will be a 'commemorative bottling', an event which would truly be the best way for the English to get revenge on the Scots for giving us Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, Tony Blair, Sir Fred Goodwin, deep-fried chocolate bars, deep-fried pizzas, pipe bands, work-shy subsidy junkies and football fans who protest against the wearing of Remembrance poppies.

But the drink is sure to be a hit by the time the next St George's Day comes along on 23rd April.

Being unified as one country, Scotland and England may be each other's closest allies, but the centuries-long rivalry and banter between the two peoples will continue.

A wee dram of English whisky, by George... or how the first single malt from south of the border for 100 years has left Scots seeing red

By Arthur Martin
28th November 2009
Daily Mail

It's a fierce rivalry which goes back centuries.

And the sometimes bitter relationship between Scotland and England has just got a little more tense.

For the first time in 100 years, a whisky made south of the border is about to go on sale.

Scottish threat: Distiller David Fitt samples Chapter 6, the first malt whisky to be produced in England for 100 years

Bottles of the single malt Chapter 6 made by the English Whisky Co carry a picture of St George slaying the dragon.

The iconic English imagery, as well as plans to sell it north of the border, have enraged Scotch whisky traditionalists.

The whisky bottle features a label depicting St George slaying the dragon

John Kaylor, chairman of the Perthshire branch of the Tartan Army, fan club of the Scottish international football team, said: 'It's flattering that the English want to copy us but what's next Shakespeare shortbread and the Lake Windermere monster?

'No true Tartan Army member would ever wet their lips with English whisky.'

A promotional campaign in Scotland included an e-mail with a picture of a bulldog.

A recent poll has shown that just 36% of Scots are in favour of Scotland getting independence from the rest of Britain. But with a new English whisky to be introduced into Scotland, expect that number to rocket soon.

This drew an angry response from some, with one Scot sending an e-mail back saying: 'How could you?'

Another wrote: 'You've betrayed Scotland.'

The makers stoked up the debate by announcing plans for a 'commemorative bottling' if England win the football World Cup next summer.

The firm is planning to stock its malt in shops from December 16, with a 700ml bottle costing 34.99. Exports will start after Christmas.

The first barrels were produced from locally grown barley at its St George's distillery in Norfolk in 2006. Then, it could only be called a malt spirit.

Now, it can be officially classed as a whisky as it has been stored for more than three years.

The English Whisky Co's distillery on the banks of the River Thet, near Roudham, Norfolk

Andrew Nelstrop, managing director, said: 'Much to our surprise and delight, our whisky has already attracted a lot of interest in Scotland.

'We are shipping about 500 bottles a month to Scotland and we expect that to grow.'

During a visit to the distillery two years ago, Prince Charles gave his blessing to the project.

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