Arrests at Humane Society

CTV News | Arrests carried out at Toronto Humane Society


Investigators from the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals executed search warrants this afternoon at the Toronto Humane Society (THS) and a private residence.
"The warrants were issued in an ongoing investigation into animal cruelty at the Toronto Humane Society," OSPCA spokesperson Rosaline Ryan told reporters Thursday.
"Five people were named in the search warrants and are being charged with criminal offences."

I suspected something like this was going to happen. The Toronto Star did an investigative report back in May where they found vets to have medical decisions overruled by management, suffering animals and basically a dysfunctional operation.

Hopefully some good comes out of this as the Humane Society serves an important role in the city. Replacing the board of directors and management is a start.
Stuff happens whenever and wherever people are involved. Even honest and altruistic harities have been known to unintentionally harbor con-artists and thieves, too. SOme people are just foul human beings.

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