The BBC is run by a bunch of Left-Wingers who either think that having a good education is only the preserve of members of the Royal Family and upper class "toffs" (especially Tory toffs) or that to spell words correctly would "offend" dysexics, people with learning difficulties or just plain thickos.

So it should come as no surprise to find that there are spelling mistakes during some BBC news reports.

Many viewers watching last Wednesday's News At Ten bulletin discovered that a graphic headlining the official review into the 2006 Nimrod air disaster which killed 14 British servicemen was titled 'Damming Report'.

Of course, that should have been "Damning Report."

The BBC put it down to "human error."

Of course, the BBC is not the only Left-Wing British organisation which has a tendency to spell words incorrectly. The Guardian newspaper is nicknamed "The Grauniad" because several times it has called itself that on its front page.

Here is the news: the BBC is no damm good at spelling

By Tom Harper
01st November 2009
Daily Mail

The BBC has been criticised after broadcasting a major spelling error on its flagship News At Ten bulletin.

In a blunder that would make any schoolchild blush, a graphic headlining the official review into the 2006 Nimrod air disaster was titled 'Damming Report'.

The caption should, of course, have read 'Damning Report'.

Bad spell: News At Ten presenter Sian Williams in front of the error

The story, which was the lead item on last Wednesday's bulletin, was presented by newsreader Sian Williams and watched by about four million viewers.

Internet message forums were buzzing after the broadcast. One post read: 'Can this be proper use of English? Perhaps the Lefties that run the Beeb all went to the local comprehensive?'

Another viewer wrote: 'I thought it more than a little odd that the flagship news programme should have let this through its vetting procedures.'

A BBC spokesman put the mistake down to 'human error'. The damning review into the fatal Nimrod crash, which killed 14, accused the Ministry of Defence of sacrificing safety to cut costs.