Calgary's Four Vaccination Centres

Calgary's H1N1 shot clinics open today (external - login to view)

Let's do the math!
1 million people.
4 vaccination centres.
1000 000/4 = 250 000

Let's say they can vaccinate 4000 per day per centre.

250 000/4000 = 62.5 days


Is the situation better where you are?
As an at risk individual I went down to one of the four clinics at 8:30 am today.
The line up was incredible.
After an hour in line I paced of the distance I had traveled and compared it to the remaining distance ahead of me.
By my math the wait time is between 3 1/2 and 4 hours.
I gave up and returned home.
The reason I wanted to get my shot early is because I anticipate being on a flight to Italy in the next few days and I wanted to get inoculated before spending 9 hours on a crowded plane full of coughing and sneezing people.

It's a typical Alberta cock-up.
In Alberta we have not yet inoculated our health care workers or hospital staff as of yet.
The clinics have not been able to inoculate their staff.
They are not inoculating at-risk or health workers first in Alberta, it's just a complete free-for-all.
With a million Calgarians being served by 4 clinics.
I talked to a lady with an immune suppressed child with cancer.
They just told her to stand in line with everyone else, she too gave up and went home.

The Alberta Provincial Health Minister is known to be utterly useless.
The Alberta Conservative Party led by Ed (The Turnip) is the worst Provincial Government in Canada bar none.

Calgary has slipped to being 41st on the list of most attractive and successful cities from a business perspective.
Edmonton has slipped to 47th in Canada.

Quebec is now rated more successful from a business perspective than Alberta.

It's amazing the damage rotten leadership can do in such a short period of time.

Wonder if the queues will stretch to Red Deer from both Edmonton and Calgary?
Ron in Regina
I'm in Saskatchewan, and aside from Health Care Workers, the Aged & Infirm,
children aged 6mo.-4yrs of age, the essential services workers (like
garbage men, water treatment plant guys, crown corporation utility employees),
the general public is still weeks away from being able to even get in a line.
Hello from Grande Prairie. All Health Workers here were vacinated yesterday. We went to the Health Unit yesterday at 2 PM and there was a sign saying they were full up for the day. We were given the papers to take home and fill out and were back in there by 8:20 AM-already a line-up of about 80 people. We got taken in about 10th as our paperwork was handed in when others were just completing theirs. Husband also got the pneumonia shot and has some discomfort in the arm that he got 2 shots.

Today I heard that the amount of Mercury in the spray is equivalent to a Tuna Fish sandwich. The adjuvant added shot is like 1 1/2 Sandwiches. I love Tuna!
We have "VIHA" (Vancouver Is. Health Auth). I called my docs. office yesterday to see what they were doing about the shots. They said that my husband could come in next Monday and they would give him his H1N1 shot but that I wasn't old enough to qualify and that I could not even have the regular flu shot. They told me to call the health unit - where you only get a recording. The recording quickly tells you all the places and times you can go to get your shot. It also suggests you check the VIHA site so I did. We have quite a large number of sites in the city to go to with a good variation of hours. They are however, suggesting that anyone that does not require an immediate shot, wait until around mid November. We will probably try to have a quick look at how long the line-ups are anywhere within the next couple of days. Hope we can make it into one of the downtown locations by Monday or Tuesday of next week. Otherwise - I'm back to work from our move to our new location. I could miss out altogether. Maybe the only way I'll luck out is if our own pharmacisist is giving the shots. That had not been discussed when I took time off to prepare for our move. Two more sleeps in this house.
I have an appointment for next Wed morning to have my H1N1 shot. The telephone is an amazing device.
All Calgary H1N1 vaccine clinics closed: Liepert (external - login to view)

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