Now Ray Lahey Down to Sleep, He Asks the Lord...

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Is that a problem? Not to sound obtuse, but, does a church 'have' to change the way it does things so that more people like it, or should it be free to drive itself into oblivion?

Of course not. But if its policies result in a danger to the public, than it is a problem and needs to be addressed.


Celibacy doesn't cause paedophilia or any other form of sexual abuse, from any of the links or studies I've been able to find.

Yeah, the causes need to be investigated more.

What it DOES seem to cause, is a shrinking clergy, and thus trouble among its ranks. So... whose issue is that? If it wants to carry on choking itself out... why do people outside of it really care?

The churchs' issue.
I don't care until it becomes an issue about harm to people and planet. I can't speak for anyone else.
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"Put him on the rack and then burn him at the steak."

If your hatred hadn't blinded you or alternately, if you had completed Grade II, you would know the difference between "steak" and "STAKE".

I know the difference. I was being facetious and playing with words. The rack and burning would be what the church would do to people like me if they could still have their way, and you would be in there like a dirty shirt volunteering to light the fire and turn the screw. Speaking of screws, I bet the thumb screw would be your preference.
You really do need to grab a sense of humour. You are the only one on here with a hatred problem.
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The author of this article get's itclose, but not bang on.

The married Preists are former Anglicanpreists. When the Anglican Church started allowing Female ordination and then SSM, there were some Parishes that decided to split from the Anglican Church and "rejoin" the Roman Catholic Church. These Parishes were allowed to retain their Preist, with the condition of that if the Preist became "unmarried" for any reason that he would then take the vow of celibacy and continue on without the ability to remarry.

The Eastern Orthodox Churches have always allowed Preists to be married. While they do recognise the Vatican and the Pope, they have their own way of doing things.

Simple solution. If you want a wife and be a catholic priest, become an anglican priest first and apply for a transfer.

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