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The government and corporate media are trying to make this go away. The thing they are most afraid of is all 300 million Americans becoming angry at the same time, and they do not want to show anything that will allow Americans to see that the rest of the nation is just as angry about current events as they are. So, the shills come out and blame it on GOP agitators, or they try to understate the number of people who showed up, or they try to make it a racial issue, or in some really absurd cases try to claim that the photos and videos are all fakes because heavens to Betsy all real patriotic Americans just LOVE high taxes and abusive central government, don't ya know!!!!!!!!
Be angry.
Be very angry.

And , oh yes, I am still waiting for someone to send in photos from the protest showing a WRHG shirt or sign. (Insert sounds of 'hurrumph' here)
whatreallyhappened.com/WRHART...DCprotest.html (external - login to view)