Rude: Where Are Our Manners

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So how is returning rudeness for rudeness going to solve the issue? Seems to me to be just as much of an attitude problem. Most people simply need to have rudeness and courtesy explained to them.
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The Toronto subway system is where I see rudeness at its finest. For example, I got out of my seat to offer it to an elderly gent and some chinese lady buds her way in and takes the seat from him before he can sit, I was quite astonished and felt like slapping her. Sadly, situations like that are the norm on the subway, it's all for one.

Crowded places. Familiarity breeds contempt.
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I think I may have posted this on some forum before.
My daughter used to live on Davisville St. in Toronto, about 100 ft away from Mount Pleasant St.
I was returning to her place from an early evening walk up to Eglington...
Half way from Eglington to Davisville on Mt. Pleasant there is a small Theater or Cinema on the east side of the Street.....As I approach there is a bunch of older teenagers 10 to 15 of them, waiting for the theater to open...literally blocking the sidewalk...and acting up..the way boys will do
For a second, I thought of crossing the street but there was a small store right on the other side of the heater I was planning to stop I pushed on...
As I got close to them the first few kids made room for me to go through and one even pushed one of his friends out of the way....As I went by I said thank you and nodded to them (in a nice way) and went on my way with the realization that there are still some polite well raised kids in the world in spite of all the a**holes

lol Most kids I see are oblivious until they notice you are almost on top of them, too. then they move, kind of like small fish that swim in schools.
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I hold the door for men, women, children, the elderly. It's about making life easier for the people around you, not targeting a gender, so I find it bizarre that she would assume her ownership of a ****** is why you opened the door for her.

lol It's not that, Karrie. It's archaic courtesy. If we are walking on a sidewalk, Les won't let me walk on the street side. He even pulls chairs out for me and stuff. He doesn't quite stand up for me when I enter a room he's in but he does acknowledge me entering.

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