KISS...was supposed to be in Oshawa...

.....yo wait...that old sucker in the US senate died recently...both sad (but forgiving) occassions.*tears*

BREAKING NEWS!!...Gene Simmons just turned on the radio and heard the `news`...of them not gracing Oshawa, in a panick to control. the`rumors`....

Stay tuned!! just in....I thought KISS died years ago?!!

**** me!!
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....meanwhile, Senator Kennedy`s remains continue to be on public display....
I heard they'll be there October 7.
Indeed. I was listening to CBC radio news this morning and they will be in Oshawa after all. They were concerned that they may not get a big enough audience in Oshawa.
lone wolf
Sault Ste Marie was third on the list ... and the hairy one even promised they'd be there. Sault Ste Marie isn't listed on Kiss's fall tour.

Freakin' glam band....
Ron in Regina
Saskatoon Saskatchewan was (I believe) seventh on the list, but
there wasn't any doubt that KISS wouldn't be playing
Shannon Tweed (and therefore Gene Simmons by extension)
have relatives there.
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