Here are some fascinating titbits of information about the world's 79th largest nation - the UK.

Did you know that the British Isles consists of 6,289 islands, most of them uninhabited?

And did you know that Britain, the largest of the British Isles, is the world's ninth largest island, and the largest in Europe, as well as being the world's third most crowded island?

Did you know that the UK could fit into Russia, the world's largest country, 70 times and into France twice? Or that, on the other hand, Monaco, the world's second-smallest country, could fit in the UK 124,564 times?

Did you know that the British are, by some dstance, the world's largest consumers of baked beans, and that while we account for a mere 0.91 per cent of the world's population, we are responsible for 6 per cent of its tea consumption?

Did you know that the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK was 101.3F in Faversham, Kent in 2003?

Well you do now, and if you want more tantalising titbits about the world's 79th largest nation, read on.....

Eight out of ten Brits: Tantalising titbits about the world's 79th largest nation (us!)

By Daily Mail Reporter
21st August 2009
Daily Mail

Brit breakfast: We eat twice as many baked beans as anyone else on Earth

Of course we should be careful with statistics. We must treat them like a drunk uses a lamp-post - for support rather than illumination. But a new book reveals some mind boggling facts and figures about the British. Did you know the average gym member covers 468 miles each year, but the average dog walker does an impressive 676? Here are the best of the rest...

The UK is the world's 79th largest country, able to fit into Russia 70 times and France twice. It consists of 6,289 islands, the largest of which is also the ninth largest in the world.


The average age of the first-time grandparent is 49

The average length of marriage is 11.5 years

92 per cent of couples stick to the same side of the bed each night

On average, men sleep for eight hours and four minutes and women for eight hours and 18 minutes

In the course of a lifetime, the average Briton will have sex 4,239 times

Women still do the majority of household chores, spending nearly three hours a day on housework. Men spend only 1 hour and 40 minutes. This may explain why men on average have 30 minutes more free time each day - but women spend an average of 14 minutes more in bed

Sixty-three per cent of people choose a shower rather than a bath - the preference is more marked among men (72 per cent) than women (53 per cent).

As for the average time taken in the bathroom in total, women spend 27.5 minutes and men 20.7 minutes

Five per cent of men admit having used their toothbrush after it fell down the toilet

Before getting into bed, 22 per cent of people charge electrical appliances, while 10 per cent pray

It is estimated there are 4.5 million gym members in the UK. Only 27 per cent of them exercise on a regular basis

Family life: Five per cent of men admit having used their toothbrush after it fell down the toilet

Britons, on average, watch 219 minutes of TV a day. This is slightly more than the French (206 minutes) and Germans (211 minutes), but less than the Italians (237 minutes), Americans(271 minutes) and Japanese (311 minutes)

Twenty per cent of men claim they can do DIY jobs better than any professional. Yet householders spend 850million every year calling in professionals to repair damage caused by botched DIY

One survey found that 55 per cent of the population spend two or more hours a week gardening, while another found that one in four women prefers it to sex


The top three songs played for the first dance at a wedding are:
1. I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing (Aerosmith)
2. (Everything I Do) I Do it for You (Bryan Adams)
3. Amazed (Lonestar)

Top UK albums of all time:
1. Queen: Greatest Hits (more than 5.4 million copies)
2. Beatles: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (more than 4.8 million copies)
3. Oasis: (What's the Story) Morning Glory? (more than 4.3 million copies)

Top three artists with most No 1 singles in the UK:
1. Elvis Presley: 21
2. The Beatles: 17
3. Cliff Richard and Westlife: both 14


Music: Queen's Greatest Hits album is one of the top UK albums of all time

Britain's roads total 248,968 miles. If stretched end to end, they would reach the moon

Two hundred and seventy-three hedgehogs are killed on our roads each day

An estimated 300,000 accidents a year are caused by satnavs

The most overcrowded train service last year was the 07.15 from Cambridge to London King's Cross, with 76 passengers standing for every 100 seated

Heathrow is the world's third busiest passenger airport. In 2007, it saw 68,068,304 passengers. The airport is six times the size of Monaco and has seven chaplains (Anglican, Catholic, Free Church, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh). Ten per cent of Britain's perfume sales take place at Heathrow


There were only six Indian restaurants in Britain in 1950, but by 2004 their number had grown to around 9,000. They account for two-thirds of all eating out

We eat at least twice as many baked beans per person as any other nationality

Each week, the average person scoffs three chocolate bars, three packets of crisps, one cereal bar, one bag of nuts, one muffin, four biscuits and six sweets

We drink 165 million cups of tea a day - around three cups a day for every man, woman and child. While we account for a mere 0.91 per cent of the world's population, we are responsible for 6 per cent of its tea consumption

Eighty-eight per cent of breakfasts are eaten at home. But 15 per cent of Londoners eat them at work


The British female bottom measures 34in - two inches behind the female Italian bottom, which is the largest in the world

Four thousand men in 2006 had their 'man boobs' - or 'moobs' - removed

Our cosmetic surgery industry was worth 359million in 2005. It grew by 242 per cent between 2000 and 2005

Nearly one in ten under-35s would consider giving Botox as a Christmas present to their partner


Forty-three per cent of the population own a pet

Sixty per cent of single people buy a pet for companionship

The Queen has owned more than 30 corgis, most of them being descendants of the first, Susan

The average cat costs its owner 7,000 over its lifetime (compared with 20,000 for a dog)

The most expensive breed is the Great Dane (31,840), with an average lifespan of ten years. The cheapest, despite a greater life expectancy of 12 years, is the Jack Russell (17,476)

The labrador retriever is the most popular breed of dog, followed by the cocker spaniel

Pets: The most expensive breed of dog is the Great Dane (31,840) (right), with an average lifespan of ten years. The cheapest, despite a greater life expectancy of 12 years, is the Jack Russell (17,476) (left)


The typical woman has more than 100 items of clothing in her wardrobe, but wears fewer than a third of them regularly

Eleven per cent of women have more than 21 pairs of shoes

The average clothes size is 16; bra size is 36C (as compared with 34B in the late 1990s); and shoe size 6

When we shop, the average time spent looking at an expensive item of clothing before buying is 22 minutes. This compares with 18 minutes spent looking at a property before buying

We think the worst fashion items of all time are the shell suit, the poncho, leg warmers, clogs and braces

Fashion crime: We think the worst fashion items of all time are the shell suit, the poncho, leg warmers, clogs and braces


The top five reasons for visits to the doctor are:

1. Hypertensive diseases
2. Dermatitis and eczema
3. Other skin disorders
4. Upper-respiratory infections
5. Eye disorders

The best teeth are to be found in Brighton, where people have an average of just two fillings and two missing teeth

People in Southampton have the worst breath, while those in Birmingham have the best

More people are killed each year by MRSA than by road accidents

The emergency number 999 is called 80,000 times a day. The busiest time is between 10.30pm and midnight (around 6,000 calls per hour), and the busiest day is New Year's Day (up to 12,000 calls per hour)


We have more credit cards than any other European country - and 13 million more credit cards than there are people

If your surname is Patel, you are seven times more likely to be a multi-millionaire than if it is Smith

Sixty-nine per cent of English land is owned by 0.6 per cent of the population - mostly families who have held it since Victorian times

One hundred and three people in Scotland own 30 per cent of its land


Number of churches:
1961: 55,000
2005: 47,600
2020 (estimate): 43,000

Churches are now closing faster than new mosques are opening

Britain's first mosque was recorded in 1860, at 2 Glyn Rhondda Street in Cardiff. By 1961, there were seven mosques and, by 1985, 338

Religion: Churches are now closing faster than new mosques are opening


Britain covers 94,526 square miles, making us the 79th largest country in the world

You could fit the UK into Russia 70 times, Australia 31 times and France twice. On the other hand, we could house eight Belgiums, 345 Singapores and 124,564 Monacos

The British Isles is made up of 6,289 islands. With 11,072 miles of coastline, we are the ninth largest island in the world (the largest is Greenland). We are the third most populated island, after Java in Indonesia and Honshu in Japan

The furthest point from the sea in Britain is just outside the village of Coton in Derbyshire. From there, the nearest part of coast is Fosdyke Wash, on the edge of the Wash, south of Boston in Lincolnshire - 70 miles away


Our highest temperature: 101.3F in Faversham, Kent, on August 10, 2003
Lowest temperature: -81F, Braemar, Aberdeenshire, February 11, 1895 and January 10, 1982, and Altnaharra, Highland, December 30,1995
Highest 24-hour rainfall: 11in, Martinstown, Dorset, July 18, 1955
The heaviest hailstones (5oz) fell on September 5, 1958 at Horsham, West Sussex


Nearly one in four of those born in 2001 will reach the age of 100

Extracted from 8 Out Of 10 Brits: Intriguing And Useless Statistics About The World's 79th Largest Nation by Charlie Croker, published by Random House Books on September 3 at 10. Copyright 2009, Charlie Croker. To order a copy (p&p free), call 0845 155 0720.

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