Canadian Bar Association slams Harper Gov't

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Against the will of the people.

No, by the will of the government. The <democratic> government. But nice knee jerking. Feel free to baww more.
I think the Charter was put together by a bunch of lawyers who carefully worded it so that it was easy to MIS-interpret it and easy enough to fight it.
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The fact that Supreme Court justices are unelected works to the nation’s advantage—our justices can be more concerned with the law than with voters.

I disagree. This is the basis of our differing opinions. I believe in majority rule. You don't.

I believe in one law for all, you don't.

I believe in the traditions and moral standards that built this Nation, you don't.

None of that is meant offensively 5P.


Were our honourable justices ever to be tempering legal arguments with concerns about what the majority would say, then we would no longer have a justice system, we would have some sort of revenge tribunal.

You're thinking completely in criminal law. They have disfigured this nation as well.


It is absolutely key that our justices are selected based on their merits as officers of judicial interpretation, and not whether they are popular or voteable.

Again, I disagree.


We already have representative democracy through the House of Commons—and it performs its functions as it should, with the complementary roles played by our other institutions ensuring that the best decisions for Canada are made and executed and that we have peace, order and good government.

, no we don't, but it's cute that you think so.

Such a strategy is the foundation of Canada’s Government and constitutional structure, and it is a model for success.

Right up until it's used against us.


The ‘will of the people’ is irrelevant when it comes to the administration of justice as prescribed by law.

And that there is the foundation of the very real problems facing this Nation, and will be its very downfall.
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No, by the will of the government. The <democratic> government. But nice knee jerking. Feel free to baww more.

Another one that thinks the Gov't of Canada actually functions for the good or will of the people...

Just finish another hit off that bong did ya?

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