U.K. backtracks on preventing war crimes charges against IDF

This is old news (though stillwithin the year), yet I'd somehow missed it, so I'm posting it here:

U.K. backtracks on preventing war crimes charges against IDF - Haaretz - Israel News (external - login to view)
People who commit war crimes should fear traveling abroad regardless of citizenship. No one should have special immunity from war crimes based on their nationality.

Operation "Cast Lead" opened many eyes regarding this conflict. At the time Canada's news did not cover the facts objectively and many Canadians still have no idea of who did what to whom.

This Amnesty International report objectively details war crimes committed by both sides during this conflict:

www.amnesty.org/en/library/as...50152009en.pdf (external - login to view)

Israeli soldiers deliberately used CWs, heavy artillery and flechettes and precision munitions against civilians, shot civilians carrying white flags, used civilians including children as human shields while engaging their adversaries, deliberately destroyed civilian infrastructure, restricted food and medical aid, targeted ambulances, hospitals and health workers, prevented medical services from reaching wounded civilians, razed agricultural lands and destroyed farm equipment and so on... (Its a long list) Their actions resulted in about 1400 deaths. The exact number of civilians depends on the definition of a civilian. Israel's definition of a militant includes police, doctors, paramedics, university professors, secretaries, politicians and many other people not directly in the fighting. Only Israel recognizes their definition. Palestinians using internationally recognized definitions of who is a militant and who is a civilian claim that about 2/3 of the people killed were civilians or about 900 people.

Gaza militants deliberately fired unguided rockets at Israel endangering the lives of Israeli citizens. Their actions resulted in 3 civilian deaths all of which occurred after Israeli bombs had already killed hundreds of Palestinian civilians.

Both sides of this conflict committed war crimes. People should be held accountable for their actions, not granted immunity from prosecution because they belong to one side or the other.
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