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All those hundreds of TV channels may lead you that there’s a true diversity and variety in today’s television … but you’d be wrong. A handful of large companies control what you see, hear, and read every day.

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We watch almost exclusively the NatGeo channel and Knowledge Net (Poirot, Midsomer Murders, and occasionally Sherlock Holmes). A little BBC now and then. North American tv tends to suck camel cookies.
Nothing new here. In Canada the situation looks even scarier. You remember those companies that used to offer you home telephone service or cable television? Well now they own virtually every national cable-, satellite-, specialty- and network* television channel.. not to mention every national and local newspaper, magazines, virtually every single mainstream FM or AM radio station, all national cable AND satellite TV services and their means of distribution and perhaps the worst: The infrastructure and majority of the services of broadband Internet.. hell, any form of residential Internet service.

Guess who? Rogers & Bell. The smaller guys are CanWest and Shaw.
*Well, we've still got CBC.. but what's worse than being under the thumb of a government who is virtually controlled by these mega-giant corporations anyways?
Yeah. It won't be long before we drop the landline altogether, and go to a basic tv programming. Mum-in-law likes the networks and she can't use computer phone or cell. The dear old sweetheart is 89
The state of the media in Canada is bland, homogeneous pap directed at the lowest common denominator. I would think the loyal WalMart shoppers of this country probably love it, they seem OK with it all in the US. Their media sunk to these depths decades ago.
I find what Canada's indutry is currently producing, save the odd exception of course, is boring and banal. CTV taking over The CHUM Group, including CITY TV, was the final straw.

RIP free thinking media in Canada.

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