Canadian AIDS researcher moves to Florida with team

L Gilbert
Just heard on the radio today that Rafick-Pierre Sékaly has packed up and moved his team to Florida mainly because of cutbacks in scientific funding that Flahtulence and Harpy implemented. And this is at a time when the researcher is gaining good ground in fighting HIV and AIDS.


The University of Montreal's Rafick-Pierre Sékaly says he is leaving in part because of federal cuts in science funding and hopes his departure will be a wake-up call.

- Top AIDS researcher lured away by Florida (This is a May story but the CBC updated it in As It Happens tonight)

So Harpy's turning out to be another Diefenbaker.

Let me see; ChRETIeN, Bullroney, aPAULing Martin, and now Harpy don't seem to like scientific research very much. Iggy apparently doesn't either as he seems to prefer spending gobs of money on people that aren't workjing rather than spending it on something that might get them to work.

Not one of Canada's best moments, I'd say.
L Gilbert
WOW. Not a peep from the Cons at CC defending this idiocy? lol Where's my friend, Colpy? hehehe

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