Thieving fox steals 120 shoes in Germany

This is fox news: news about foxes. For the past year, the German town of Fohren was terrorized by a shoe thief... in the dead of night, residents' shoes would be stolen. Over the course of a year, over 120 shoes vanished, never to be seen or heard from again.

They weren't taken in pairs, either, so people were left with a single shoe, which of course they couldn't use- that added insult to injury. However, a forestry worker cracked the case wide open, discovering a cache of stolen footwear in a fox's den. A female fox (vixen, footwear femme fatale) had abducted the boots, sneakers, and flip-flops, but to what purpose, only the foxy footwear fiend knows...


The bushy-tailed culprit, believed to be a vixen with a family of cubs, is still at large, and locals have two explanations for her kleptomania. Either she amassed them as toys for her children, or she simply likes collecting shoes, or both.


Actually, that's three explanations. The fox has not been named, but Spiegel Online has already started calling her Imelda, after Imelda "The Steel Butterfly" Marcos, the footwear-loving former First Lady of the Philippines.

The foxy footwear thief is still at large.
Now that is funny. A question. Where were the shoes that the foxy vixen had such ready access to them?

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