Green Energy Act

So its been a couple of weeks and the Ontario Energy Act is now in practice. Man i hate this thing. Besides the natural gas base-loading idea we also have a provencial government that i overreaching their jurisdictions. What happened to the nuclear option? How does everyone else feel about this new legislation?
anyone else from Ontario out there?
has anyone read this bill. the government can search your house anytime and do an energy audit. so if you have an old beer fridge in the garage that is eating up a lot of electricity you will be charged. hey i'm paying for the electricity already, doesn't matter. Also the provencial government has the right to override municipalities in regards to wind turbine placement. its pretty pervasive and power grabbing
It's funny you mention this it, a buddy of mine sent me this online pro-nuclear energy petition a couple days ago so get on there and give your two cents!
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i think it's great. people are too greedy to know what's good for them. time for big brother to step in.
Sure their may be a large amount of unappreciative energy wasters but those who take pride in conserving shouldn't have to pay on their behalf but i guess that's unfortunately how this crazy world works sometimes.
That's the trouble with liberal/conservative trying to be green..Think Green always means $$$$...At least it's something...however ..Is it genuine?

I worry that liberal/conservatives call things "green" then make the green/clean way,look bad...

It's a win /win for them..

Is it a loss for those who really care about the future.?

..Green/Clean technology...Balanced sustainable Green energy plan that includes all energies FAIRLY is the key....

Letting oil rule the world is not a sustainable future...

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