Patenting genes: Breast cancer goes to court

The ACLU, breast cancer patients, and researchers are taking the holder of the patent on the breast cancer gene to court. Myriad Genetics holds the patent to the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations that cause hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

You can read the suit here (external - login to view). For media coverage, there is a good article found here (external - login to view).

This would be a landmark ruling if the suit is successful. Though even if it is, there's nothing stopping companies from patenting the process used to test for their novel findings...
That's creepy. The notion that someone could patent genetics is bizarre.
Bizarre indeed. Stinking bankers making money on the backs of the suffering and the poor.
L Gilbert
lol Eventually, I expect stuff like water, air, etc will be patented. It's funny what some people think they have sole rights to.
Pretty soon its going to be you

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