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How is anyone encouraging hatred in the hopes of finishing the job Hitler started? That comment is insane--
Actually they blew away in the wind and 2.5 million miraculously reassembled themselves.

Saul Frielander answers all with special mills because it serves your purpose. Any forensic proof, Colpy? I didn't think so. Of course there is no forensic proof all the ashes disappeared--how convenient- At first there were 22 DEATH CAMPS by 1947 there were only 6 and all in Russian occupied territory.
Time for me to give it a rest. If it weren't for Zionist Baptists like you, I would never have read up on the subject, Colpy. It was your ignorant behaviour along with your ignorant friends the made me continue to search. Your feces is up to my nose. I also note that Loon a harmless poster no longer lingers. You are not here to discuss. Your only purpose is to stop all from thinking so that all may be like you--thoughtless

You win I'm gone

Unfortunately, I do not have a degree in forensic anthropology, and Poland is not in my back yard, and besides....perhaps you'd like to explain how one is to do forensics on fertilizer spread 65 years ago????????????????????? Or thrown around in the woods, or thrown in a river. 65 years ago.

As for Loon, she is probably happily engrossed in her copy of Mein Kampf....I'm actually glad she is not here, because I think she is simply brain-dead, not vicious.......and I'd spare her my new-found knowledge of the deep involvement of the Waffen SS in exterminations of Jews on the eastern front........she had two brothers that served there.

BTW, the evidence is over-whelming....the Germans, being Germans, kept very careful records......a significant portion of which survived........

Oh, and BTW, Friedlander is an actual historian.....not some idiot that collects Nazi uniforms, and secretly dresses in them in his basement late at night.......

Eye-witness accounts, by German SS soldiers, shocked at what was happening, given to Swiss diplomats, Swedish diplomats, diplomats from the Vatican...........

Oh my, just tons of it.....including reports to Himmler on the total number of Jews murdered in 5 camps in 1942-43.

52 page bibliography....listing over 800 sources, and collections of documents.

And that would be only a small part.

Letters, orders, speeches, diaries, transport records, My God, the guy that built Auschwitch patented his design, over 200 diaries of Jews, records of goods seized from Jews at the camps, internal memos of the Nazi hierarchy, thousands of eye-witness accounts and on and on and on...

Only haters deny.