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You have to stop them before they board. A shotgun is a good defense tool but by the time the pirates are within range it may already be too late. A .50 cal volley across the bow as a warning, if they still wish to engage I say launch a couple of five inchers into the skiffs and let the sharks take care of the evidence.

I just finished a course in Marine Security given by a pro....let me tell you, British Special Forces, Military Intelligence, sniper qualified, seven tours in Northern Ireland....then a stint as a mercenary doing personal protection, then formed his own company designing security plans for marine facilities.....we had quite the conversation about pirates.....being a Brit, he thinks no one should be armed except the SAS......but he did say the "Skinnies" board these ships by throwing on grappling hooks and skampering up the hull!!!!!!

try that in the face of a few loads of buckshot.

BTW, the cruise ship that last week successfully repeled pirate borders did so with an Israeli security team......armed only with pistols.

yes I have a new job in Security........