Evolution classes optional under proposed Alberta law

Hey thanks man (I tried to be objective..for once ).

What would I do? (Holy *uck this is one tough call.) Dismantle the programs. Bury the bill and hope people forget about it.

It's sad but judging the benefits against the costs, I don't think something like this is acceptable in this country. Change the education system to include a wider range of views (e.g. explain a little more about intelligent design theory in biology class--let the students figure out why evolution is now the dominant theory) and tone-down the language of sex ed if you have to but this kind of exceptionalism is not the way to go--it's a can of worms IMO.

This reminds me a bit of the issue of black-oriented schools: also proven to be good for those kids but it then implies that there is something wrong with "regular" schools (which unfortunately there is but I won't get into that). Promoters of the idea appealed to the fact that religious schools are accepted in Canada.
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No, I just think it's a different one than what you're talking about.

I know it's a different one than that I'm talking about. I'm talking about a real problem that the government is trying to deal with and has been having success dealing with. You are talking about some theoretical problem that has not occurred despite your claims that it will. You are wrong. Accept it.

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This is not just about getting Mennonite children into the public school system, it's about religiously-based objections to modern knowledge.

To you yes. That's because you have a hard-on against religion. For me, it is about getting Mennonite children into the public school system. It has been proven that this allows them to integrate into society. You are completely and utterly wrong. What is so amusing is that I've had this same type of discussion with Fundies about their religion. You have absolutely no idea how much you are like them. It is rather hilarious.

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